The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever: Matt Still Creates Own Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

The age old lament is that Hollywood is too romantic; the neat, tidy, swooning endings to its love stories -- especially during the Golden Age of film -- gives a troubled audience expectations elevated beyond real world possibilities. Rare is it that a man travels cross country to sweep his lady off her feet, or a soldier writes love letters through an epic war with only the visions of his One to keep his will to live alight, or a woman's touch rescues a troubled soul with the salvation of her pure heart.

It's all imagination, romantic impossibilities to sell movie tickets and sadden the masses, the critics say.

But! There is hope for those dreaming of Hollywood happy endings and screen wipes into hearts, after all. His name is Matt Still, he's a southern gentleman from Atlanta, and he just outdid the movies -- while in a movie theater.

In asking his girlfriend, Ginny Joiner, for her hand in marriage, he rewrote the love story, creating his very own movie trailer for a bit of altered reality romance. And though he's now taken, there's hope: they have a website. Perhaps they'll be giving some tips in the near future.