The Greatest of Them All is Love


I thought I had no words to say
The terror that held those lives to the ground
The love and lives that were stolen
I'm dismayed by those who voice their words on guns
Some say to keep them
And others say to ban them
This isn't the time to make this all about guns
Save it for another day
I'm disgusted by those who have the nerve to speak their same sex hate
Who to love or not to love
The vial sad excuses for humans who celebrate this as an act of God
They don't seem to know God at all

Strangers find words to say
To honor those that are gone
To pray for those still here fighting for their lives
I pray for the comfort of an angel's hug to come upon those that shake with tears
I pray for the families, the friends, and all their peers
I pray with a heavy heart for those who were shot

Think before you speak
Think before you post
Think before you hit send
Think before any emotion flies off the seat of your tongue
Emotions talk louder than reason
And reason begs to be heard
For all the voices typing
Ensure that you are not simply seeking to post words

How many ignorant voices
How many ignorant posts
How many self centered people
I get lost and feel things get worse

But then I see the light
And I see how love responds
I see the lines to give blood
The vigils that gather
The support being extended to those affected
People who have kind things to say
Selfless compassion in words and action

I realize that in the midst of horror
Love can be strong
I realize that in a storm of ignorance
Love can be strong
I realize that in seas of selfishness
Love can be strong
In the obnoxious fucking face of demonic turmoil of those who celebrate what has happened
Love can be strong
To those that have made this about themselves, being right, remaining bigots, preaching nonsense
Love can be strong
Homophobia, racism, violence
Love will be strong
The radicals, the extremists, the terrorists
Love will be strong
The bigots, fear mongers, ignorant masses
Love will be strong
To those who dare use this as a political platform of advantage
Love will be stronger
And I see in the many faces of evil itself
Love is strong

Love is stronger
Love always wins
Love takes a hit
Love takes a blow
Love gets cracked across the face
Love gets shot
Love gets burned
Love gets lynched
Love gets raped
Love gets thrown in jail
Love gets blamed for evil's work
Love gets bruised
Love gets bombed
Love gets thrown out of its own home

But Love emerges stronger. Smarter. Wiser. Better.
Don't forget to Love.
Don't forget to teach Love.
Don't forget to fight for Love.
Don't forget to not just preach Love, but to act in Love and speak up for Love.

Rest In Peace to all those murdered at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando early Sunday morning.
May healing be strong for those still fighting for their lives.