The Gross Obstructive Party Lost the Debate

It is hard to believe that the roster of 10 men could land such a despicable debate. It is a shame for them, and a shame for their party. I congratulate the moderators on having found enough substance in their questions.

What have we learned?

They hate Obama.
They hate Hillary Clinton.
They want to throw out immigrants.
They want to prohibit abortion.
They want women to serve them and despise them.
They want to close the border with Mexico .
They want to dismantle Obamacare.
They want to go to war everywhere.
They have no view on the economy.
They do not fear increasing the huge U.S. debt.
They know nothing about the situation in the Middle East.
They oppose the nuclear deal with Iran.
They want to increase the military budget.
They do not care about being bankrupt four times and defrauding creditors as long as it is legal.
Anything new?

They don't care about the country.

They had poor parents and tough upbringings (with two exceptions).
They all are inspired by them.
They all increased the economy of their constituents.
They all are nice family people (even if they divorced a few times).
They care about their kids.
They are infatuated with themselves.
And we should vote for them.

The world watched with dismay

The "best democracy in the world" has shown that its Gross Obstructive Party has lined up 10 males, none of which gave foreign viewers the feeling that any of them should become the nest President of the United States. Living in self-satisfaction, they consider themselves the center of the universe. They literally have nothing to offer. Not one new idea. They want to be the next leaders of the country by standing against everything, and for nothing. Poor America. Such a debate will not enhance the feeling of leadership in this country. Hillary Clinton, for all her deficiencies, looks much more decent and Obama is the best President we have had in a long time. They damaged our image and reputation by being ignorant, selfish and obstructionist. This is all good for the democrats who, at least, defend real values.