The Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Be In 'Avengers: Infinity Wars'

Oh, and Spider-Man, too.

The Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man will team up with The Avengers in the upcoming film, “Infinity Wars,” Robert Downey Jr. all but confirmed on Facebook Live Friday night.

“God, this movie’s going to be so epic!” says Downey in the video, before answering rapid-fire Facebook questions as smoothly as Tony Stark.

The actor makes multiple cracks throughout the video about his new personal “camera guy,” whose voice will sound oddly familiar as he reads questions from the fans.

“Is Spider-Man going to be in this film?” asks the camera guy, who then turns the lens on Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say he’s gonna be in the movie,” Holland says.

Chris Pratt pops in at the end, dressed in his Star Lord get-up, with his signature, comedic cool-but-not-that-cool presence.

Marvel released a slightly more polished reveal, interviewing the actors, producers and writers, and diving a bit deeper into the guts of the film.

“Avengers: Infinity Wars” ― what looks to be the culmination of a lot of Marvel franchises ― is set to release in May 2018.

So there it is. You may begin salivating now.

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