The Handheld Future of Nutrition - Your Health In The Palm Of Your Hands

The fitness / wearable tech industry has yet to transition from a narrow step tracking focus to a more holistic health approach. The focus itself has only been on the individual’s movement patterns.

A number of us have recognised, since the emergence of the new nutrition era that exercise doesn’t have to be the only means for monitoring daily vitality and long-term health outcomes.

Here is what people in the future will be looking at consistently to find a better way of tracking this information, skin carotenoids.

What are skin carotenoids, I hear you asking?

These are prime biomarkers that indicate healthy eating and helps us identify nutrient deficiencies.

Carotenoids are the most ubiquitous food pigment antioxidant molecules (more than 600) are present in every piece of fruit or vege. High skin carotenoids reflect a healthy consumption of a large and balanced variety of fruits and vegetables.

You’re indeed not what you eat but what your body effectively absorbs. Higher carotenoids level also means correct absorption. As such, high skin carotenoids levels also mean sufficient intake of healthy fats, necessary for proper vitamin absorption.

Lets see why skin carotenoids are important to consider

Carotenoids are highly concentrated in leafy green vegetables which are also the highest possible source of highly bioavailable Folate B-Vitamin.

Carotenoids are also antioxidant molecules known to improve by up to 300% absorption of iron a key mineral usually deficient in developing children.

Vitamin D is another key vitamin needed by toddlers and children for proper development. Skin carotenoids level is actually important since they act as natural and endogenous skin protector from UV-B radiation, giving children extra time to soak up sunlight and metabolise Vitamin D.

Sufficient fatty-acids intake is also necessary for fat-soluble vitamin absorption. As a critical fat soluble antioxidant, higher level of skin carotenoids actually reflects proper global intake of fat soluble vitamins (Like Vit. E, A, K, D).

How do we harness these metrics for ourselves and our families?

One X has recently introduced its handheld biosensor that accurately measures skin carotenoids, directly from the palm hand, through a 20 secs scan. For the first time, One X is bringing direct diet biofeedback in the hands of parents and family.

Gamification, empowerment, and positive feedback loop

One X also brings a new paradigm, inserting a gamification component for everyone to follow a healthy diet and living a healthier lifestyle.

It is time to take smarter measurements for your diet and health, One X is the seamlessly easy option that requires only 20 seconds of your time to measure the impact your diet is having on your overall health.

This company is innovating the way we track health. You’ll be as pleased as I was to find this new system for monitoring and measuring the impact your skin carotenoids has on your health. Head over and check them out here to see the future of handheld nutrition assessment.

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