The Hardest Job in the World. Being a Mother.

The Hardest Job in the World. Being a Mother.
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As soon as people are asked what job they think is the hardest the all say the same thing. Doctor. I think I can speak from firsthand experience when I say YES. Being a doctor is one of the toughest careers out there. You have sleepless nights, nights full of crying, distress, days, if not weeks without seeing your family. A doctor has the responsibility of a human life in their hands. They make one mistake and the bomb explodes and the patient dies. Sounds a bit surreal, but it isn’t at all, it is all quite true. One mistake and that mother, father, child, friend of someone may be gone. That’s why when doctors say you must love this career, they aren’t kidding, you must adore this career more than anything. Do you think it is the hardest job in the world still? I don’t. What is the hardest job in the world then? Being a mother.

A mother goes through a lot of what a doctor does, the sleepless nights, the nights full of crying, the distress, and even more. They aren’t just in charge of one organ of their child, they oversee everything. The health, the well-being, the school, the values and morals, the respect the child has and so much more. One error and the child can go the wrong route. They can choose the route of drugs, drinking, or loose their goals or ambition to strive for. One is taught how to be a good doctor, how to clip that aneurysm or remove that tumor. Doctors have guidance. Mothers, there isn’t a manual on how to be a good mother, there is only love and “motherly instinct” as many mothers call it. On top of that, they weigh with them their entire life the errors of their child, but also the successes. Being a mother isn’t easy, it’s the hardest job in the world that comes with no instructions or manual what so ever. I don’t know how many times I have seen my mother cry because of my siblings or myself. Unfortunately, too many to count. As a female, I am not sure if I would be able to take on such a task, but I am happy to say my mother has created an independent young woman who is ready to take on a medical career at full force and take care of her family. So to my mother, thank you and to all the great mothers out there, thank you for taking such a task, you deserve a high five and pat on the back today.

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