The Hardest 'Simpsons' Quiz Of All Time

The Hardest 'Simpsons' Quiz Of All Time

So you think you know "The Simpsons"? Well, now you've got 27 chances to prove it.

With over 20 years' worth of episodes to watch, re-watch, analyze and memorize, there's plenty of trivia about the infamous yellow family to go around. The amount of people who consider themselves "Simpsons" experts only increases with each generation that gets hooked on Springfield. It only makes sense to put these so-called "experts" to the test.

We put our heads together with some help from blogger Carlos Cabrera and fellow 'Simpsons' aficionado Alex Leo to come up with 27 of the toughest "Simpsons" questions ever. Can you get the most right in the quickest amount of time?

Try it for yourself below and see how you rank among other HuffPost readers! Images via Simpson Crazy

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