The Harm in Asking : Your New Favorite Comedic Memoir

One of the best things about reading a memoir is that you feel like you are actually friends with the author. Forget the fact that you are one of thousands who have read their work -- you are the one who truly understands them. Even though David Sedaris and Jonathan Ames don't know that we are really close, in my mind we are all BFFs from way back! Come on guys... remember all those anecdotes about your family and fun masturbation stories?

Yet now I have a new bestie! Her name is Sara Barron and she has written one of the funniest collections of personal essays you have ever personally collected!

Barron's new book, called The Harm in Asking, is filled with stories that are engaging, hilarious, and disturbing. Barron's vast talent in storytelling is so lively that you feel transported into her mind - which at first made me feel like "hey get me out of here, it is moist, dark, and I think I am stepping in self-doubt."

Barron's approach to narrative is raw and edgy, but also relatable and endearing. She is never contrived or guarded, and her superior writing capabilities allow the reader to get lost in her psyche. She avoids artificial self-consciousness and is instead entertaining and candid.

What I loved most about The Harm in Asking is Barron's humility and honesty about who she is. Not many sexy women will openly admit their flatulence, or describe in loving detail how her friend's boyfriend described in loving detail the illustrious color of her friend's vagina.

I was first introduced to Barron's work when I read her debut novel, People Are Unappealing: Even Me. I loved it so much I did what any normal person would do - I Facebook stalked Sara and made her be my friend. But lucky for me, that means we got to do an interview, and I was able to learn first hand the harm in asking.

TN: If you could get your virginity back, what would you do with it?

SB: I would give it to someone younger than I was instead of someone older than I was, which is what I did the first time. #cougar #actuallythewordcougarisarealproblem

TN: If you could have any magical power, what would it be and why?

SB: I would choose the ability to maintain a slender physique despite how poorly I'm eating and/or how little I'm exercising at any given time. I'd choose this as my desired super power because society, as a whole, has taught me to devalue myself as a woman.

TN: What celebrity do you wish you were?

SB: Kris Jenner. She seems happy.

TN: If you had a tail, would you hide it, or show it off?

SB: I'll tell you what: you know how there's that thing that people do with plastic surgery, where they take the fat from their thighs, for example, and inject it in their face? That's what I'd do with a tail. I'd have it removed, and repurpose the hair by attaching it to my head.

My hair is thinning dramatically now that I am in my dirty 30s.

TN: Have you ever re-gifted a dildo?

SB; I wish. But no. I cannot part with my dildos.

TN: What is your favorite body part... to eat, if you had to eat a human?

SB: I would go for a calf muscle. I think it would taste the most cow-like. (Was that a pun somehow? I didn't even mean it to be! My god. I'm very clever.)

TN: Do you ever look in the mirror when crying just because you like the way your eyes are glistening?

SB: I think what you meant to ask, Toni, was: is there ever a time when you've cried when you haven't run to the nearest mirror to look at yourself?

The answer is no.

TN: Do you actually love everybody you say, "I love you" to?

No. In terms of romantic partners, I've said it twice without genuinely meaning it. In terms of friends, I just straight up, do not mean it. Ever. I hate pretty much all of my friends.

No. Wait.

Hate is too strong a word. I don't hate them, actually, it's more that I find them so exhausting that I can, on occasion, begin to feel physically violent.

TN: What do you think about all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?

SB: The junk in the trunk is fine. Sometimes the junk on my front, though, is not so fine.

TN: Have you ever bedazzled your vajayjay?

SB: No. My skin is too sensitive for that sort of thing.

TN: What are your thoughts on anal bleaching?

SB: Too WASPy for me.

To hear more about Sara and The Harm in Asking Check out THIS PODCAST called The OverShare Show where she is interviewed!