The Harvard March for Science

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This Saturday, April 22 over 500 cities across the world will come together in support for science. Universities and the community at-large have partnered in order to help promote awareness about the march and here at Harvard, planning has been underway. Between 9:30-11am, students, faculty and the community will gather at the Science Center Plaza for the common cause of promoting science. Speakers at the Harvard March for Science include President Drew Faust, Naomi Oreskes, Melissa Franklin, and Cassandra Extavour. Following the speeches, the march will then progress onwards to Boston for the rally to be held at Boston Common at 2pm.

The rally is meant to be peaceful, nonpartisan, and intends to promote science both in the way in which it influences our community and in the way in which we acknowledge the role of science in our lives. Hundreds of students and community members have already expressed their interest in attending the march via the Harvard March for Science’s Facebook page. During a time in which many issues have been contested, individuals and communities-at-large are becoming more vocal about raising awareness for issues that are important to them. Scientists and science-enthusiasts are at the crux of this movement.

The goal of the Harvard March for Science is to not only promote the march’s larger mission but also to encourage engagement in university and community organizations promoting science. If you want to join and advocate your support for science, the March for Science promises to not disappoint.

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