The Healing Power of Sisterhood

Fixing a broken heart
Fixing a broken heart

Written By Gigi Bisong

We stand in this world, at times, so knee deep in our pain -- with pieces of our soul scattered all around us. All we truly desire is for someone to see us, to believe in us and to lend us a helping-hand, hopefully to pull us out of our suffering. We try to call on the world for help with our attempts to scream, but we are too exhausted from the pain to even open our mouths. So we stay quiet. Once again, no one notices our despair. And because our mouths are shut, no one hears our cries. We hold our eyes wide open but all we see is darkness. We look to those closest to us for help but they don't seem to understand -- they cannot see nor do they feel our wounds. Where is our light? Who will guide us? Why do we feel so alone?

Some of us, especially us sensitive souls of the world, can feel just about every emotion that stirs in the wind. We feel the hurts that so many people carry on a daily basis. But even in this, though we can feel others so strongly, we often feel unseen by others -- even those that are the closest to us. One of the worst feelings is being in a crowded room and feeling like you are there alone.

Thankfully this sorrow, loneliness and feeling of disconnection gets broken when the universe sends a healing gift our way in the form of a comforting soul or a place of solstice we can retreat to. This gift becomes a doorway -- channeling us to connect to our truest selves. With every inhale and exhale of breath, this gift gives us access to our deepest creativities so that we can begin to heal from our pain, celebrate our existence and step out of our suffering.

These special gifts are all around us. The circumstances, the synchronicities, the people and the things that appear in our lives, are there to be our guides back to our inner light. These gifts appear to teach us something, and to assist us in our healing, inner growth and expansion.

You see, the world actually does hear our cries. The world is a magical place.

We must pay attention to those simple gifts around us that are trying to guide us to a better way of living. One gift comes in the form of sisterhood. Sisterhood is such a powerful healing gift. To have a tribe of women who understand you, support you and love you unconditionally, is priceless.

I think we all yearn for that bond of true sisterhood. We have all wondered, "Where are my dream partners, spiritual warriors, my girls who write their visions in glitter -- the healers, the storytellers, the ladies who are free spirits: who dance all night, and speak their truths -- the ladies who cry, laugh and listen?" When we envision our sisters, we know their souls are going to be just as captivating as their outer beauty. And not because their lives have been easy, but because they too have had struggles and sorrows, yet, they didn't sink in their sufferings -- they healed through them.

There is something oh so powerful about sisterhood. The wounds that block others from seeing your inner light connects you to your soul sisters even more, because they can see the REAL you--even in your darkest moments. Yes, my girl, your struggles are complicated but you are a mountain mover! Your sisters are there to remind you of your audaciousness every single day. Lean on them. Trust them.

If you find that your life is missing sisterhood, it may be time for you to come out of your shell and allow the goodness of life to find you. I am sure your tribe of sisters are closer than you think. If you already have your sisters (biological or not) in your life, make sure you nurture those relationships as much as possible. Our sisters rebuild and renew us when we feel broken. They reminds us of our importance in a world that sometimes fails to recognize it.

When was your first experience of sisterhood? Mine was at a place called Jeremiah -- a place where I had freedom to find myself. At Jeremiah, it was fine not to be okay. When any of the ladies there with me needed support, we created impromptu nights of healing circles, prayer, conversations over with tea or wine, and it was all done submersed in love. This was a place where women honored the tears that you shed because they understood the depths of your cries and the preciousness of your laughter. Every time I looked into the eyes of my sisters, I saw myself a little clearer.

I challenge you all not to only develop your sisterhood relationships, but to also choose to be a sister to any woman you meet. What if every time you looked into another woman's eyes, be it the lady at the grocery store or your mother, you chose to look beyond what you see and trust what you feel? What if you chose to truly SEE her, instead of rushing past her in life (as probably most people do), you actually became present with her? Your intentional presence shows her that you see her and feel her--because you ARE her. We are all sisters and we all need each other.


Gigi Bisong is a "Find Your Life" Purpose Coach, author and speaker. She helps women and youth find their unique purpose so happiness and passion can fill every area of their lives. She believes our main purpose in life is to be fully present in the moment and to infuse love into everything we do. She believes that in every suffering there is a lesson that will propel us forward far beyond our wildest dreams if we so allow it. She also believes we are always being guided and we just need to become aware and open to the guidance.