The Healing Vigilante: Why Some are Finding Trump’s Hamilton Tweets Dangerous

Trump’s tweet in reaction to the cast of Hamilton addressing Pence.
Trump’s tweet in reaction to the cast of Hamilton addressing Pence.

There is no doubt that the presidential election has evoked lots of different emotions, contention, and debate.

Those of diversity, who have fought hard to create hope for themselves – and their children – are now digging down deep to fight even harder to hold onto that positivity, rise above the negativity, and stay hopeful.

Many grieving the election results are struggling even more with some of what has unfolded in the days following November 9th. Just when they may be moving towards acceptance, news items like this rekindle their fire of fear and disappointment.

The thing is: it’s not just a tweet. It’s MUCH more profound than that. Now that he holds power in so many ways – even before his inauguration – some may view these tweets as dangerous. Yes, dangerous. Here’s why:

1) He has clearly twisted the facts. Read/watch what the cast said, and then read Trump’s tweet. Clearly the message to VP-Elect Mike Pence is NOT the definition of harassment. It has been reported by multiple renowned news sources that they addressed him kindly and respectfully. Why is Trump twisting the facts “dangerous”? Here are two reasons:

a. Is this how his mind works? Does he take healthy communication of one’s thoughts and feelings the wrong way if it does not agree with him? Does he take something and twist it in an irrational way that moves away from facts and logic? Or…

b. Is this what he considers strategy? To interpret and/or communicate in a way that is meant to evoke negativity? To evoke tension and conflict?

2) He tweeted his twisted facts to the world. He is the President-elect. He has what is known as one of the most powerful voices of all time. He has to be more careful and considerate with his words. He has to present things in a way that is true, or he could cause unnecessary and dangerous unrest. Not just with America, but with the world.

3) He was reactive. Sure, this is the cast of Hamilton. However, what if he decides to have a reactive moment like this with a much bigger situation? With a much more sensitive group of people, or country? America will feel much safer knowing that he is able to RESPOND versus REACT when he is feeling upset.

4) He is creating a double standard. Even a kindergartener starts hearing about Freedom of Speech when they start school. The audience booing, and the cast sharing their message, is them exercising that human right. The same human right that every Trump supporter demands. I can just picture a tweet from Trump when Hillary gets booed at a public outing. Something like this, “Way to exercise your human rights!”

(Side note: as for the the video above there seemed to be equal amounts of cheering. Also, both Trump and Pence need to accept that over half of the voting population did NOT vote for them. The boos are going to come. Not from me personally, but that is my choice. All of this will shift as the days pass. But right now we need to understand it’s still raw.)

The bottom line is…HE IS THE PRESIDENT-ELECT. He is supposed to be smarter, more articulate, more grounded, emotionally intelligent – just BETTER – than the everyday person.

That being said: Everyday people go to work and are expected to follow certain guidelines. There are specific job requirements, and employee handbooks, that are designed to set the person – and the company – up for success. The president is no different.

Learning to utilize social media in an effective, healthy, and responsible way should be one of the guidelines. If it’s not written in the White House Employee Handbook, it needs to be. Stat.

Authors note: I am not a political writer. I write about human nature, response, and how one’s actions can affect others and the moment. I personally plan on giving our President-elect the opportunity to show us what he can do. And, just like with any other human and any other situation, I will hold him accountable to be the best person he can be. I also encourage people to put positivity out there as much as possible. A good place to start is within. Speak your thoughts and feelings - but do it in way that is conscious, respectful and effective (like the cast of Hamilton).

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