The Health Status Report of America's Workforce

Every year, my company performs a lot of biometric screenings for other companies across the country. We work with all types of companies to screen employees in all walks of business.

In 2015, we performed over 85,000 biometric screenings. That means we screened over 85,000 American employees!

If you're at all familiar with any biometric screening process, you know that after a screening event, the company receives an aggregate report. This report is a snapshot of the health status of their employees. It provides group data about the overall health of the workforce.


Based the 85,000 screenings my company did last year, we've put together the ultimate aggregate wellness report. It outlines the health status of corporate America. You can download the report here.

In the report you'll find a few different things.

What the Numbers Say

First we took some time to outline what the numbers say. We took a look at cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference. Honestly, we were a bit surprised by the results we saw.

While many employees seem to be relatively health, a great number also fall in "borderline" categories. That means they're in limbo between being their healthiest selves and taking one wrong turn towards greater health risk. You can learn more of the specifics by checking out the report for yourself!

The Trends We Noticed

After taking a look at the numbers, we dove into the trends we saw. Taking a look at health metric trends is the best way to point out common struggles or challenges faced by a majority of employees.

When it comes to health metrics, there are loads of things your employees can do to impact how these numbers show up where you work. The trends we noticed suggest things that corporate America needs to work on for healthier lifestyles.

What that Means for You

Finally, we took a look at what all this information means for your wellness program. The numbers really mean nothing unless they mean something to you, right?!

What we found was that employee wellness is an absolutely necessary part of your business. The numbers show us why. But they also show us the areas of wellness where there's the most opportunity for impact. Those are the areas of wellness you should be focused on!

You can download and read the report here. We also included a short list of takeaways if you're crunched for time (on page 10). Check it out to see how your company stacks up!

If you're not doing screenings yet where you work, but you're still interested in seeing how your workforce compares to the national standards, let me know in the comments below. I'd love to talk to you some more about learning your company's health status.