"The Heartfulness Way" - Where Love Meets Time

Is love the raging tempest in the heart, is it like the excitement of the riots in the street, the delicious raindrops falling on the hot desert sands, the pleasant breeze on a summer night, the inferno of a volcano in the night? It is all of this. Yet, it is strangely none too. Love is not love, if it has not blighted the soul, wilted the heart, and yet resolved the mind to stand tall with faith.

Love is honeyed poetry, also a silent stab.

Love is rain and rapture, also a sob and melancholy.

What love survived without pain and tears and time's yield of the heart?

What happens when love meets time?

Is love just a passionate night between lovers, or the mellow curling up of couples who have lived together for decades?

Is love the kiss between the unrequited or the tepid peck of the man to the woman before leaving for work?

Is love that which leads to broken promises, shattered dreams, lost hope, or the patient sight of the faithful on the sea waiting for her beloved since decades together?

Is love the joy of a mother who holds her infant son for the first time? Is love the anguish of a son cremating his dead mother?

Is love that of the father who teaches his daughter to ride a bicycle or that of the daughter bidding goodbye to her father with tears while she goes on a journey to faraway lands to study more?

What of those who lost their loves? Their love end in anguished stories, long voyages and in unbridled grief. For those who lose their love embark on voyages - physical voyages across seas to new lands in hope of meeting a new love, or emotional voyages into the heart discovering buried feelings, and letting them simmer up. Those voyages which are birthed because of lost love, unending grief and mellow acceptance - is that time's child?

Is that what happens when love and time meet? When love makes peace with the thorns of pain and whittles of agony, then is the gap between love and Beloved bridged?

I am afraid... Am I afraid of being loved? Or am I afraid to love?

Am I afraid of crossing the wide chasm separating me from love? And what is this chasm made of? It exists only in my thoughts, in my illusion; say the poets and genius alike, who rule the hearts and minds of the world. This chasm is the lovers’ muse. The separation is from where they derive their inspiration to continue to love.

When time bridges this gap, when love unites with the Beloved, love ceases to exist. The feeling of being in love is consumed by the presence of Him, who the heart desires wildly, passionately. For love is never denied. Love denied blights the soul of God, said Shakespeare and verily too. Love is never denied by Nature. And when Nature yields to love, love ceases. That is why perhaps Nature yields to love, at the very end. She lets love to anguish, and wilt, and suffer, and when pain yields enough, Nature gives.

Love exists as long as time yields the heart. And then, what of love? Love is, or the Beloved. There's never both.

Kabir said,

“प्रेम गली अति संकरी, तामें दाऊ न समाई |

जब में था तब हरी नहीं, अब हरी है में नाहीं ||”

“The lane of love is very narrow, two cannot pass through at a time.

When I was present, God was not, now God is present, I am not.”

In a spiritual journey, at some part, there is a renunciation of the self to become the Higher Self. A journey of love, a journey, where the solitude of being one with God, in the presence of love, is a very beautiful journey, albeit tricky to express or understand.

There is the Beloved’s presence, not of the physical love’s tangibility, in all its resplendent glory of creative enigma and painful poetry.

So does this mean love ceases when it meets time?

It dies it's beautiful, glorious death, giving birth to something stunning in creation - the Beloved! I wish I was love embodied, and someday meet this sweet and fiery death, emerging and being one with the Beloved. Stronger than the Phoenix, lovelier than the butterfly from the caterpillar, more enigmatic than God himself! Of what sheer agony and bliss!

Now what happens when time dies it's slow death? Time is the most powerful warrior said Tolstoy. Time's child is patience, patience to requite love. Time and love seem to have a long story together until eternity.

I'm reminded of Elvis Presley's song.

Love me tender,

Love me dear,

Tell me you are mine,

I'll be yours through all the years,

Till the end of time.

To be love's Beloved until the end of time is sweet. But what is sweeter? Sweeter is that when time ends. What stays when the body is gone, when the world is no more, and when matter is forgotten?

What of, when everything obliterates?

Is love remembered then?

Who is there to remember?

Perhaps time is birthed again with the essence of pure love, which is left behind. Creation starts afresh - the baby of love.

Emotions and memories are what we live by. They all come to life when love is kindled in the heart, in time. Love makes everything effortless. Love makes life happen. Time and love, have this beautiful story together, of patience, of waiting and of acceptance. They dance and sing and create sons and daughters - memories, happiness, squabbles, satisfaction. These shadows they leave behind, haunt us for eternity - creating incompleteness, at times completeness, restlessness, other times contentment. Whatever it is, wisdom lies in merging them as one entity - at the earliest.

And what is that wisdom?

Live each moment as if it were the last, with your Beloved. Enjoy Him, savor Him, use Him, love Him. Be one with Him, become Him. Then love and time are trapped together in a duet for all eternity. They are one - when they meet.

I was touched by the book - “The Heartfulness Way” written by Kamlesh D. Patel and Joshua Pollock.

Love is “The Heartfulness Way”.

Buy your copy here - http://theheartfulnessway.com
Buy your copy here - http://theheartfulnessway.com

Kamlesh Patel says, “Where there is love, there is acceptance. Where there is love, there is forgiveness. Where there is love, there is compassion. Love is the root of every noble quality. Therefore, when there is love, do you need any other quality? When love is present, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion all become redundant. Love alone is sufficient. No other quality is required. We all know this. The great teachers of the past and present have all said so. But if teachings were enough, wouldn’t we be transformed by now?’”

Chapter - “The Seeker’s Journey”, Page - 14.

Go ahead, read the book. You don’t want me to intellectualize this for you. Experience the beauty and joy of love blossoming in the heart. Embark on a journey of Heartfulness practice.

Get ready for love to strike the heart in time, an all-encompassing love, of all hearts beating as one.

Purchase your copy of the book here - http://theheartfulnessway.com

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