'The Help': Emma Stone Hits Roadblock In New Clip (VIDEO)

Emma Stone is from the southwest -- Arizona to be exact -- but in her latest film, she tries on the accent and affectations of the Deep South.

Stone stars in the big screen adaptation of "The Help," the best selling novel by Kathryn Sockett. She plays Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan, an enlightened college girl who comes back to her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi and sees old, dark traditions in a whole new light. Grabbing a columnist job at the local paper, she works to convince the discriminated-against maids of her home town to talk anonymously about the unfair conditions and treatment to which they're subjected.

The film, which is set for an August release, is ramping up its promotion, and has unveiled a new clip of Stone and Viola Davis in the awkward stages of the project. Idealism and reality don't always meet so easily, it seems.

"The Help" hits theaters on August 12th, and, along with Stone and Davis, co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard and "The Tree of Life Star" Jessica Chastain.