The Hero's Journey: Jean Houston Says, 'We All Have the Call to Adventure'

Virtually every human being has what writer and mythologist Joseph Campbell once referred to as "the call to adventure," says his friend and colleague Jean Houston.

In stories from Homer's Odyssey to "Star Wars," Joseph recognized a theme that applies to humanity: We are the heroes of our own lives. In this "Super Soul Sunday" video, Jean talks with Oprah about the first step in becoming the hero of your own life and realizing the power of your own possibility: the call to adventure.

Jean says that while the first call is usually simple -- such as, "Well, I want to get married," or "I need to get a job" -- at a certain point, the call shifts.

"At a point that I would call 'second genesis,' the next level of our possibility just starts to rise and you feel, 'Wait a minute, there's more to me than that,'" she says. "And then the call, the yearning, comes."