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Oprah's audience went wild when former president Bill Clinton jumped on Oprah's couch a la Tom Cruise and began punching the air shouting, "Damn I love that woman!"
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From Insight on the News, June 7, 2006

Hillary OKs 'loving couple' strategy for 2008

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has approved plans to foil any Republican Party campaign to attack her marriage in the 2008 presidential election.

Democratic Party sources said Mrs. Clinton has decided to force the issue of her relationship with Bill Clinton during her current re-election campaign for senator of New York. The decision has included giving the former president a high-profile role over the next few months....

From People, September, 2006

"We've Never Been Happier."

In an exclusive interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton, pictured at home with Bill in Chappaqua, the New York Senator and Presidential hopeful giggles at rumors the couple lead separate lives. "My relationship with Bill has always been...exuberant," Hillary says coyly, stroking the sleeve of Bill's fishing sweater. "But when I was elected to the Senate we entered what can only be described as a new phase of intimacy. I now better understand the stresses and strains of political life--from the candidate's view. Bill has been a rock, a booster, a shoulder to cry on, you name it. He's always there for me. I can honestly say we've never been closer or happier."

"She's one heck of a campaigner," her husband added, beaming.

From Time, January 2007

Hillary's Thrilled With The New Democratic Majority...But Her Biggest Thrill Remains Bill.

Baton Rouge, LA
The hotel room is familiar from another era of Clinton campaigns. It's your standard Southern chain non-smoking queen bed, with the TV tuned to CNN and empty BBQ cartons strewn on the coffee table. But the confident, smiling candidate lounging on the sofa in stocking feet is not Bill--it's Hillary. And the plotting, supportive spouse pacing the room is none other than the ex-President.

As Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign goes into full gear after the Democratic Party's spectacular gains in November--recapturing both the House and Senate for the first time in 12 years--the current Senator from New York allows herself to express the very real possibility the Clintons will be back in the White House. Only this time it will be Hillary occupying the Oval Office, with Bill quartered in the East Wing.

"I couldn't be more excited for her," the former President says, taking a seat on the sofa next to his wife and solicitously rubbing her feet.

"I couldn't do it without him," Hillary says, gazing fondly back at Bill. "He is the best husband I could ask for. It's another big adventure for us, and even if we don't make it this time, at the end of the day we still have each other and the life we've built together."

There is a new glow to Hillary Clinton's cheeks. Perhaps it's because the husband she once doubted is constantly and quietly by her side. She's lost much of her public stiffness. Friends and staffers attribute this new, relaxed Hillary to the couple's marital happiness. And Bill, they say, is delighted to take a back seat to his wife. "It's Hillary's turn," he says repeatedly. "I'm just here to support her."

When the stress or pressure of his wife's campaign gets to Bill, he takes it out in a round of golf with one of his old buddies, such as Ron Burkle or Vernon Jordan. "He's a different guy these days," Jordan confirms. "He's really mellowed, and in mellowing, he's come to appreciate and treasure the very special relationship he has with his wife."

From "Page Six" of the New York Post, February 16, 2007.

A Diamond Fit for Mrs. President?

Diners at Moomia were wondering about that hunk of ice spotted around Hillary Clinton's neck as she canoodled with her husband at a romanticValentine's Day supper. A spokesperson for former President Bill Clinton confirms the dazzling rock was a V-Day present for his wife--who right now appears to be a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination. Sources say Bill was spotted sneaking into Harry Winston's last week, where he laid out a cool $175,000 for the 7-carat sparkler.

Item on E! News, May, 2007

Oprah's audience went wild when former president Bill Clinton jumped on Oprah's couch a la Tom Cruise and began punching the air shouting, "Damn I love that woman!" By "that woman" he of course meant his wife, New York Senator and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The National Enquirer, July 30, 2007


Former President Bill Clinton is caught cavorting with topless models on pal Ron Burkle's yacht off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.


Hillary: "I'll kill him!"

The Huffington Post, August 7, 2007

Arianna Huffington: Too "Hot" for the New York Times?

While photos whizz around the blogosphere depicting Bill Clinton in flagrante delicto while his wife's campaign less delicately goes up in flames, the NYTs has typically remained silent. Except for a small item on page B12, the Times editors appear to be standing by their candidate the way Hillary herself once stood by her husband...

The National Enquirer, July 27, 2008


A furious Hillary Clinton oversees a moving truck in Chappaqua, days after watching Al Gore accept the Democratic nomination for President. Friends tell the Enquirer the humiliated Senator has officially filed for divorce after new photos--showing her husband kissing naked swimsuit model Dahna Sopinka outside a private villa in Malibu--were first published in the Enquirer last week. The couple had briefly reconciled but then separated after Mrs. Clinton's poor showings in the Democratic primaries.

The New York Times, February 10, 2009.

In Love as in Politics, Hillary Determinedly Moves On

WASHINGTON--The Senator from New York blushed when asked to show the new ring sparkling on the fourth finger of her left hand.

"It's a little showy," she said, almost apologetically. "I told him, 'Honey, I sure can't wear this doing the dishes!'"

"Him," as the world now knows, refers to billionaire George Soros. And it doesn't look like the future Mrs. Soros will be doing many dishes between their many magnificent homes. But it is characteristic of Hillary Rodham to seem starstruck by her good fortune as she is never far away from the modest and plain values with which she was raised, say close friends who were given permission to speak to the New York Times by the senator and her fiance.

Ever since her messy and public divorce from Bill Clinton last year--which many blame for her failed bid for the presidency--Hillary Rodham (who reverted to her maiden name after her separation), has kept a low profile, venturing out only occasionally with her daughter, Chelsea, to catch a movie or a bite to eat. Even during the bitterly contested election returns in January, in which Al Gore was shown to have lost by 481 votes to President John McCain, the senator remained uncharacteristically silent.

Her whirlwind romance with Soros, whom she met on a panel at Davos, stunned those most intimate with her.

"She went from being an almost shut-in to this giggly, exuberant woman in love," said her longtime friend, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. "I'm so glad she's finally found a man who loves her for the strong, ambitious woman she is. George isn't threatened by that. How could he be, given all his wordly success? I have honestly never seen her so happy."

The courtship was conducted in almost total secrecy. Friends say Soros would send his jet to pick her up in D.C., and the two would go off to some remote, romantic spot far from the paparazzi. Her loyal friends kept mum...until the couple announced their engagement last week at a surprise press conference, held in Ms. Rodham's senate office...

People, June 10, 2009


Exclusive 10-page Wedding Pull-Out!

Candid Talk: Her New Life, Her New Love and Possibly...a New Double Soros Ticket for 2012?

Sounding more like a presidential candidate than a new bride, Hillary Rodham Soros announced that the future looked promising both "for happiness and 2012."

Looking elegant in a pale lemon silk suit with matching hat and pumps, the former Mrs. Clinton clutched the arm of her groom, billionaire George Soros, on the steps of a historic whaling church in Nantucket. The ceremony was performed under a chuppa in the Unitarian church and performed by the nation's first lesbian Imam. ironically, the church is just a few miles way from where her ex-husband, Bill, was snapped fondling topless models on a boat....

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