The History of Augmented Reality (Infographic)

The History of Augmented Reality (Infographic)
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Surprisingly enough, augmented reality has been in the works for several decades before sprouting to what it is today.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have exploded for $1.1 billion in investment this year and it's still considered the origins of the future of computing. Not only are mixed reality headsets said to be the future of computing, they're also the past and future of entertainment. Though, the legacy of augmented reality isn't just confined to old science fiction books. Throughout the 20th century, AR developed into the refined technology that exists today.

From the first virtual yellow line marker in live NFL games to assisting NASA flight simulations - augmented reality has had a progressive impact over the years.

Below is a timeline of how augmented reality matured from 1968 to 2016:


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