Disney Artist Built A 'Hobbit's House' In LA And It's Absolutely Adorable

Disney Artist Built 'Hobbit's House' In LA And It's Absolutely Adorable

There are hobbit-style houses all over the world -- from Philadelphia to the United Kingdom.

But after finding Bilbo Baggin's latest hideout tucked away in Maryland, we didn't expect to find anything that could rival it for quite a long time... until we saw this little Hobbit house in Culver City, California.

Called "The Hobbit House" or "The Hobbit's House," the cottage is part of the Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments, built by Lawrence Joseph. Joseph was a Walt Disney Studios artist and worked on the house from 1946 to 1970.

The cottage is built in the style of "storybook architecture," which according to the LA Conservancy, means its "sweeping shingled roofs, diamond-paned windows, and clinker-brick chimneys exemplify the fanciful Storybook style, which took inspiration from idealized interpretations of European cottages." Sounds positively adorable.

The house apparently doesn't have any right angles, and also has a bit of a ship theme (Joseph, in addition to being an artist, was also apparently a carpenter and sailor). In addition to being a Historic-Cultural monument, it's now on the market for $2,595 a month. How much of a Lord of the Rings fan are you?

Take a full tour of the house by looking at photos below:

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The Hobbit's House

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