The Hoffsicle: David Hasselhoff's Answer To The Summer Heat? (VIDEO)

When we first heard of The Hoffsicle - a popsicle specifically designed to look like David Hasselhoff - we couldn't tell if it was a joke or not because it seemed too weird to be true. The food gods have smiled upon us, though, because these things are totally real. And totally edible.

Del Monte teamed up with the Hoff in honor of National Ice Cream Week, and did a pretty impeccable job of making them realistic. Everything from the hair to the chiseled abs has been hewn in his true Hoffy likeness.

Since National Ice Cream Week has already passed, we at HuffPost Comedy are choosing to observe National Ice Cream Month in honor of these popsicles. And we totally wouldn't complain if the wonderful people at Del Monte sent us some (WINK).