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The Holiday's Greatest Gift Is Priceless (But Has No Cost)

May we all givereceivethis holiday season.
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For most of us, the holidays are joyous, festive -- and stressful. Overflowing with abundance -- and distractions. As we navigate this season of celebratory events -- with families, in-laws, bosses and long-lost cousins -- we may actually long for an occasional shot of stillness.

In the midst of it all, consider the greatest gift we may be able to give. It's priceless -- but has no cost -- except our time and attention.

The gift, in fact, IS our time and attention. The present IS our presence.

During time-starved days and harried schedules, our willingness to slow down for meaningful, eye-to-eye engagement with those we love is rare. May we take a few extra moments to listen intently to people around us. Let's ask questions of depth that show we are sincerely interested and mentally in sync...rather than distracted by our "smart" phones or thinking about the next soiree.

Our full attention -- when attuned to others, and offered freely to acknowledge another's presence and gifts -- is indeed a most precious present.

You're welcomed to share here what you notice in these moments of connection. Tell us how it feels to give this cost-free, priceless gift. And how you feel receiving it.

May we all give and receive abundant presence this holiday season.