The Hollywood Triumvirate Take Brands by Storm

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On my flight out of LAX, I crossed paths with one of Hollywood’s biggest PR names - Doris Bergman and we started discussing the blurring lines between PR, Social Media, Influencers, AI, IoT, The Boring Company...and a whole lot of other things. Doris introduced me to - “The Hollywood Trinity,” I was intrigued to learn more. we go.

THE HOLLYWOOD TRINITY, as Doris explained, has arrived. It features Public Relations Impresario Doris Bergman/Bergman Public Relations, Premiere Marketing Strategist, Holly Davidson and Social Media Guru/Celebrity Influencer, Diego Valdez.

Doris explained that THE HOLLYWOOD TRINITY provides clients with an all-inclusive one-stop service that introduces brands to the public through clever marketing, public relations and social media campaigns, including events such as celebrity-filled Oscar and Emmy parties and celebrity golf tournaments. “Our goal is to provide maximum exposure and strategic Brand positioning through a cohesive and intelligent approach. No two campaigns are alike,” she stated.

Meet the Members of


<p>Doris Bergman – Public Relations Impresario/Bergman Public Relations</p>

Doris Bergman – Public Relations Impresario/Bergman Public Relations

Doris Bergman – Public Relations Impresario/Bergman Public Relations

“Modern PR pros are becoming adept at building strategies that have an undeniable impact on expanding reach, driving website traffic, generating leads, increasing sales conversions, and enhancing customer loyalty,” says Bergman. A full-service public relations and event production firm, Bergman PR provides innovative, customized services and solutions that successfully actualize our client’s goals and objectives. With over 25 years of expertise, Bergman PR’s portfolio of programs includes: public relations strategizing; press/media packaging, national promotions, county-wide promotions, fundraising events, celebrity event production/promotion, branding programs and corporate events. Bergman PR’s client list includes celebrities, beauty, fashion, authors, politicians, restaurateurs, products and news personalities. Since 2009, Bergman PR has also become known for producing its Oscar and Primetime Emmy Events and celebrity golf tournaments which garner the attendance of major ‘A’ list stars and media.

<p>Holly Davidson/Marketing Strategist/IConnectYou.Today</p>

Holly Davidson/Marketing Strategist/IConnectYou.Today

Holly Davidson/Marketing Strategist/IConnectYou.Today

“Marketing experts will tell you that a well-planned public relations and social media campaign, combined with innovative marketing strategies is often far more effective than advertising,” says Davidson. Based in Los Angeles, California, is a Marketing and Strategic Communications company that connects you with industry leaders, decision-makers, and experts who will take your business to the next level. Over the past 18 years, Holly Davidson and her team are proud of its successes. By leveraging our existing relationships, we have helped companies, musicians and individuals create and develop some of the most effective marketing and advertising campaigns to increase their visibility, and sequentially drive in revenue.

<p>Diego Valdez – Social Media Guru/Celebrity Influencer</p>

Diego Valdez – Social Media Guru/Celebrity Influencer

“Hire a real Social Media Star to push your brand up. STOP following algorithms, data and weird numbers. Engagement is not about millennials, baby boomers or Generation X. Engagement is a human factor. You connect with human beings -- you interact with people, not with data. PERIOD,” says Valdez.

Diego Valdez is one of the largest Social media influencers and Hollywood trend setters of today. With 97/100 outstanding engagement levels, his work speaks for itself. Visit @REALDIEGOVALDEZ on Twitter and Instagram. A modern-day polymath, Diego Valdez #Model #Actor #Artist has been chosen to appear in NYC Times Square billboards as a model for fashion brands, including Diesel, and has created artwork that appeared in National Brand Campaigns for Diageo and Don Julio. Valdez, a fixture on the Latin art scene, this Colombian born “vunderkind” has been featured in The Village Voice, LA Weekly, to name a few, and is work as an artist has been showcased in Manhattan, London, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago.

That was a great chat to know the stars behind the super engaging learn more about them, check out The Hollywood Trinity.

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