The Hometown Shakedown: Your Chance to Help Co-Stop the War in Uganda

We at Invisible Children are trying to end Africa's longest running war. We have held massive awareness events, lobbying events, and phone-a-thons. We have been trying to get a bill passed called the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act. It isn't about America being the cowboy hero that saves the day. It's about the world taking a stand against the worst criminals on the planet, and joining together to provide justice when international help is needed to achieve it. This bill is our best hope, and we are so close. There are a few Members of Congress and the Senate that we still need to sign on to support the bill -- hence, the Hometown Shakedown.

The Hometown Shakedown.

We like to give credit where credit is due -- and our supporters are more than due a tip of our hats. Because of their work, the LRA Disarmament Bill now has the formal support of 27 Members of the Senate and 125 Members of the House. Pause for overwhelming awe.

So this is it. This is our chance to get this bill the support it needs to pass by early next year. Otherwise, it will die with this session of Congress. And we haven't come this far to forfeit so easily. Therefore, our goal is to get 50% of both the House and Senate to co-sponsor the bill by the end of 2009. We need an additional 23 Senators and 92 Members of the House.

And yes, it is November. But we're a sucker for a challenge.

Our Strategy: The Hometown Shakedown.

So this Wednesday (November 18th), we are rallying together to reach out to the members of Congress who have not yet co-sponsored the bill. The three most effective ways to do this are as follows:

1. Invisible Children has arranged in-person meetings at the local offices of the 30 most influential Members who have not co-sponsored the bill. These meetings are taking place across the country, so check the attached list to find one near you. Team leaders are assigned to each meeting; you want to reserve a spot with your local team leader. Our goal is to get at least 15 people at every single meeting. This is hands-down the most persuasive approach to making a strong statement on behalf of the abducted child soldiers.

2. For those who are unable to attend a local Hometown Shakedown meeting, you can use your voice where you are. Gather your friends together and go online to First, make sure everyone has signed the Citizens Arrest Warrant Petition. Then type in your zip code to find out which of your leaders have not yet co-sponsored the bill. You will also be provided with their contact information to call and e-mail them to ask for their support of the LRA Bill. We've even provided you with a sample e-mail and script for your Congressional hobnobbing.

3. After November 18th, we won't back down. No, we won't back down (Tom Petty, anyone?). If you are willing to organize a local meeting in your hometown with our partner, Resolve Uganda, click here. Enter your information when prompted and the Resolve team will help you set up a meeting scheduled for later this year or early next year. In-person meetings are where it's at, so if you're serious about supporting this bill then get your meet and greet on.

Passing this bill will be the most significant action ever taken by the U.S. government to end this crisis, and it will shape the course of U.S. policy toward the LRA and northern Uganda for years to come. What else did you have on the agenda for that Wednesday? Besides watching "LOST."

The Hometown Shakedown. November 18th.

It's the best thing you've done with a Wednesday, maybe ever. This is our legacy, the step-by-step road to changing history. Don't sleep through a revolution.