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The Hotel Plaza Athenee Is One of the Best Hotels in the World

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Nancy and James Chuda for Rimowa...the Best Luggage in the World

"New York is the quintessential city for every imaginable pleasure "

Step inside the chic Hotel Plaza Athenee and your first impression is a perfunctory, "I want to live here!" And I am not alone. Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana did!

I want to live here!

It has absolutely everything that The Four Seasons has excluding the largesse and hefty prices for hotel staff and service. What I loved about this wonderful "gem" is the unique hospitality afforded to each and every guest.

LuxEcoLiving photo credit

"In the tradition of fine European hotels The Plaza Athenee stands above many of New York's boutique but poorly improvised versions of what you would expect in Paris. In fact, we flew to Paris after our stay in New York and reminisced how special and warm the Plaza Athenee was without the affect attitude." Nancy Chuda

From the moment we entered the lobby we were surrounded by gracious kindness. We had flown from Los Angeles on the red eye and were feeling the weariness afforded to people our age.... Boomers who are paranoid about getting sick on planes and instead of snoozing distract themselves with tech toys.

Somewhat befuddled and without our daily does of ginkgo biloba we found ourselves seated comfortably in recliner like leather chairs while a very alert, young, concierge acted swiftly to get necessary information.

In less than five minutes we were shown to our suite on the 11th floor. Alas! The sound of silence.

I discovered one of the most beautiful bathrooms I have ever seen.