The HOTTEST Men of 2017: Dance Review

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Brian HallowDreamz Henry

We're used to hearing about beautiful ballerinas, so, just in time for XXX-MAS, I'm flipping the script and objectifying the walking meat sticks of dance. 


You are about to enter a shop of pure "MANDY", AKA: Delicious. Man. Candy.

Word to the wise: This isn't one of those Star-F*cker listicles where all you see are famous ballet danseurs, sorry David Hallberg. This is an impure sex-rated look at the delicious and hot - talent be damned. Actually, these guys are packing loads of talent. MOST importantly, they're the dudes you'd kick out of bed... so you could dig-in on the floor. In no particular order, these are THE HOTTEST DANCERS OF 2017!

1. MICHAEL JACKSON, JR. || Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

In a company of men that includes Vernard Gilmore, Renaldo Maurice, and Collin Heyward, how am I supposed to pick just one? Something about Jackson, Jr whispers, “Baby, it’s me”, and the rest is history. Seriously, peep his Insta-feed and prepare to... Melt. Handsome smile + smooth grooves + hooks-for-feet = #BottomsUP!

2. KIMIN KIM || Mariinsky Ballet

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Kim is so good that even the Russians are like, “DAMN!” It’s not just those chiseled cheek-bones and rippling abs that have us drooling. No, watch the video below and prepare to death-drop at his #GLORY.

3. DANIEL CAMARGO || Het Nationale Ballet

First thought: “Ouch”, and then I start reaching for the Karma-sutra. Carmago looks like a Disney prince... dripping with “DANGER! + LUST!”.

4. ORLANDO ZANE HUNTER, JR. || Brother(hood) Dance

Woke as FUG and just as pretty to boot. If being true to oneself is the greatest form of activism, then Hunter, Jr. is the sexiest version of truth that I have ever seen.

5. CALVIN ROYAL III || American Ballet Theatre

Wiry + steely strength, Royal III is ABT’s newly minted soloist and the future of ballet in America. He’s also smolderingly beautiful. Take a look at him partnering any woman in the company and prepare to swoon.

6. MICHAEL JAMES NOVAK || Paul Taylor Dance Company

This poster-boy for Midwestern yumminess is the super handsome son that Paul Taylor never had. More than that, he moves like Cary Grant with Gene Kelly’s swag packed into Adonis’ bod.

7. VIVAKE “VIVE” KHAMSINGSAVATH || Freelancer + Dance Teacher at Peridance and PMT Studios

Vive is the dude your boyfriend has a mancrush on and he’s not even embarrassed to admit it... and neither are you. Slinky and charged with charisma, this guy has a way of making the simplest moves look kinky and oh-so-fun!


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Underwood may have retired from Royal Ballet to become a full-time model but he’s still the sexiest dancer in the company... or any company. And you just know he rolls out of bed looking this good. #JealousOfHisPartner

9. LUKASZ ZIEBA || Company XIV

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Normally I’d scream, “SHAVE YOUR F_ING FACE”, but on Zieba the scruff totally works. He’s got that rakish pirate thing going for him that makes you think “rapscallion-icious”.

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10. BRIAN HALLOWDREAMZ HENRY || Krump-Master. Breakdancer. Scholar.

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If Wolverine were Black and Tall, he'd be HallowDreamz. This man is the best at what he does without even trying. Besides being 6'5 and jacked with so many muscles that even his muscles have musss-sculls, he's also a loving father. Hot body + zen soul = #ThirstTRAP.

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11. CHOONG HOON LEE || Dance Theatre of Harlem

Lee joins the ranks of sculpted bodies packing a happy... package. Ahem- how many people do you know who stay cool when their pirouettes start off awry before casually sweeping into attitude? Verdict: #SEXYBISH

11. XAVIER TOWNSEND || Freelance Dancer

A dazzling trickster who can execute any technical feat from ballet to krump, Townsend is the adorable boy next door who just happens to be rockin’ a body of steel with a dynamite smile.

12. LLOYD KNIGHT || Martha Graham Dance Company

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Chiseled to the GAWDS, debonair grin, and eyes that make your soul feel a certain kind of way. Knight recently recovered from a near career-ending injury and blah, blah, blah- HE’S SO BLOODY HOT!

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13. SAVERIO PESCUCCI || Dance Theatre of Harlem

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Gerard Butler went to Italy and came back as a shamelessly sassy, burly prima. Rugged manliness with ballerina extensions, what makes Pescucci beautiful, besides the woof-factor, is his commitment to being utterly himself. In other words, those dagger feet tho’ + dat hawt bawdy = YAS!

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14. CHRISTOPHER GRANT || New York City Ballet

This gorgeous newbie to NYCB is technically too young even for me to objectify, so I’ll just let his sensational face and boogie at Ft. Greene Park speak for itself.

15. JARED BOGART || Ballet Hispánico

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The newest member of Ballet Hispánico, Bogart is a beefy hunk of man who knows how to cock his... hips. In a company full of sex appeal, watching this big boy get down is nothing short of heaven.

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Honourable mentions to Kennard Henson, Kelly Marsh IV, Luigi Crispino, Ricardo Zayas, Jamar Roberts, and the immortal Roberto Bolle. What are your #THOTS on the tastiest men of 2017? Did I miss anyone? I invite you to engage with me on Twitter or Instagram.

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