Huffington Post Visits the Vanderbilt YMCA

Huffington Post editors recently visited our Leader’s Club members at the Vanderbilt YMCA to engage in an exercise to learn how millennials are using technology to interact with the rest of the world.

The teens engaged in group exercises which allowed them to use their leadership and social skills.

They created their own emoji, discussed their favorite app, and wrapped it up by designing an app of their own.

These teens from our Leader’s Club are part of the YMCA's most intensive and comprehensive program, which gives teens the opportunity to learn to become more effective in their interactions with others. Teens improve their individual leadership and social skills while also experiencing new ways to give back and grow as human beings.

This program encourages leadership and effective group work with the goal of creating a team of young people, just like in the video, who will better serve their community and the YMCA as they encourage each other to make a positive impact on present and future generations.