The Huffington Post Style Guide for Writers and Editors

The Huffington Post Style Guide for Writers and Editors
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THESE ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL HUFFPO POSTERS who wish to register their disgust with AmeriKKKA and its evil policie$$$$

Note to overseas commenters: Policie$$$$ of the USSA, NOT
policieeruoeuroeuroeuro of the USSA

Note in general: please use USSA instead of USA, referring of course, to Hitler's own personal bodyguard called the Schutzstaffel. They wore black caps with a silver death's head badge and a black tie.

IN GENERAL: Amerikkka NOT America. But feel free to also use Amerikkkkka, Amerikkkkkkkka, and Amerikkkkkkkkkka.

United States of America: United SLAVES of AmeriKKKa (perfect when writing about how stupid AmeriKKKans are in the Red States)

Jack Abramoff: Jack AbramRIPPEDOFFAMERIKKA!

(Shooting that guy in the chest is something this really bad guy would do, seriously)

Bill O'Reilly: Bill O'ReallynotasfairandbalancedashesaysheisReilly

Homeland Security ... HomeOUTlandISH SUCKurity

Fox News: FAUX NOOSE (because Faux hangs the truth on a gallows of LIE$$$$$$)

Misrael, instead of Israel (Israel is miserable = Misrael!)

Ann Coulter: change to Ann Coulterrifying (am i right that she's scary???)

Karl Rove ... Karl Roverzealous (because he's really overzealous)

Iraq ... Iraquetball (the current policies on Iraq make about as much sense as Raquetball!)

George W. Bush ... Gorge W Bu$$$H (he gorges on dollar signs!!!)

Donald Rumsfeld ... Donald Rumandcokesfeld (he drinks rum and coke while our soldiers die)

Condaleeza Rice ... NeoConDalsleazy Liceface (she is a neocon who is sleazy and has lice on her face)

Rick Santorum: Prick Insanetorum

Republicans: Repugliclones, repugnauts, repukelicans, Repooperfaces

Neocon - Neoconvicts! (I am very proud of that one)

Halliburton - Halli-BurtonCummings. (a company as horribly bloated as the former singer of the Canadian rock band the Guess Who)

Prius NOT automobile

Also, if any of you have suggestions for new spellings for people, places or things that you admire, please list in the comments below. I'll start off with...

Osama Bin Rightallalong

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