The Huge Gap Between How Federal Workers and Federal Leaders See the Workplace

Federal senior executives, you've got a problem.

Employee surveys show that, across government, senior executives have vastly different perceptions than those lower down the ranks have regarding critical workplace issues--including the fairness of promotions, the recognition and awards given for good job performance, and the way poor performers are handled.

From the perspective of executives, things are going smoothly. But that is not at all how employees see it.

An analysis of the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and the "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government" data--done by Deloitte and my organization, the Partnership for Public Service--found that senior executives have a much higher satisfaction and commitment score than their employees. The score for executives is 81.8 on a scale of 100. For employees, it's 59.5.

While it's not surprising that executives who have decision-making authority and a bigger paycheck might be more satisfied with their jobs and workplaces than their employees are, it's troubling to find there's more than a 20-point spread between those levels of satisfaction.

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This post was originally featured on the Washington Post's website.