The Humanity of Science

I know a few things about the responsibility of being a mom to a powerhouse of a daughter who just does not like the word "no." Lola is 11 years old and I suspect world domination will be in her future as well as an alphabetized kitchen cabinet for me and my shoes lined up to within an inch of their life. She is the magic in the mix to all who love her, and aside from being a true force of nature, Lola is also a warrior who battled aggressive Alopecia Areata for over for two years. As we watched her beautiful chestnut hair fall out in clumps on the bathroom floor, she remained focused on the sun in the sky and her strawberry fruit bar at the end of the day. She taught me about resilience, grace, and confidence and as her spirit soared I rode her tailcoats and used my heartbreak to research and do everything I could do help my beautiful daughter.

Every Saturday night, instead of dating, I was online reaching out for research on Auto Immune conditions, specifically this pain-in-the-ass affliction, alopecia, looking for answers. What I noticed over time was that there were so many women in the scientific field doing extraordinary research, pushing boundaries and bringing a whole new level of humanity and pathology to the art of the mind and body. That is why it is such a privilege to be involved in this incredible event benefiting the Weizmann Institute, an outstanding scientific think tank ranked number 10 in the world, where groundbreaking and life-changing science takes place every day. What I love is together the scientists work on innovative pie-in-the-sky ideas that promise to change the landscape of countless diseases, the environment, and the future. And as a mom of a little girl who has a full head of hair because I had a community to reach out to, I am forever grateful.

Wonderful Women for Weizmann Canada
Wednesday May 25, 2016
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