Breaking Dawn: Top 15 Favorite YA-Books-Turned-Movies

Top 15 Best YA-Books-Turned-Movies

We feel like there's been a YA fiction renaissance, lately, with so many kick-ass titles being released and totally dominating the book charts for teens and adults alike. We may have the images of Dan Radcliffe as Harry, Kristen Stewart as Bella, and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss imprinted into our brains for all of eternity (whether or not we want them there), but have any other YA titles successfully made the leap to the big screen and captured our attention in the same way?

Below are 15 trailers from some of personal favorite YA-books-turned-mainstream-movies. Which ones do you think lived up to the texts? And, more importantly, which ones completely desecrated our childhood memories? Sound off in the comments below.

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