The Hypocrisy Of The #MuslimBan Is Tenfold, And Will Hurt White Folk Too

We suspected Donald would have a pretty big first week. But no one actually thought he’d just say “fuck the Constitution or American values.”
Bigotry in motion.
Bigotry in motion.

Trump’s Muslim ban is possibly one of the worst things he’s ever done and it’s consequences will affect white people as well as muslims.

We suspected Donald would have a pretty big first week. But no one actually thought he’d just say “fuck the Constitution or American values” in this BIGLY of a way though.

Trump’s retaliation to all the protests has been largely ignoring realities and stating: “no, it’s actually working out quite nicely.” Maybe it’s working out nicely for racist dickheads like David Duke. Yeah I’m real glad they’re shedding tears of joy over this.

Ironically, these are also the same douchebags who were super vocal about “all lives matter” ― ahh man what happened? I’m confused. Do all lives actually matter or do white lives matter more than black lives and also brown lives?

But what these people don’t realize is that this ban will affect everyone’s lives. And not only because shawarma will be more expensive.

I’m a Muslim and I came to this country when I was 18 because America is the land of opportunity and free bacon for all.

I was fortunate enough to come from an affluent family with the access and influence to make me an American citizen. Millions of others do not.

These are the people that sell all their belongings, leave their friends and family behind and go through years of extreme vetting ― only to be turned away at the final hour by a dickhead despot who’s happy to toy with people’s lives just so he can stoke fear and resentment among credulous Americans.

As someone who grew up in Turkey, fairly close to the heart of the conflict, I will tell you this.

The Muslim ban will only end badly.

Trump’s Muslim ban will serve no purpose but to exacerbate tensions and will be used as a recruitment tool for ISIS and other militant “Islamic” groups that spring up. Not only will it leave thousands of refugees without hope, but it will also create a larger divide between the Muslims and non-Muslims both here and abroad.

Also, doesn’t on the current vetting protocols make it seem like the Muslims who already entered the US could possibly be terrorists as well? And to top it off, it comes along with a blanket ban that basically suggest that there’s not a great deal of difference between the “good” Muslims and the “bad” ones. Is that really the concept you want to hammer into the minds of American people? How can any of you think that will end well?

Also what will happen to the thousands of non-muslims fleeing conflict?

If you can’t distinguish between a terrorist and a regular Muslim, how will you distinguish between a Christian Arab and a Muslim one? Do you really think an insane person hell bent on destroying America wouldn’t know how to lie on a fucking religion test?

And that is only one of the many different reasons why this ban is insane. I mean ― let’s not ignore that this executive order is patently unconstitutional.

But don’t take it from me that a Muslim ban is a bad idea ― let’s hear it from some of Trump’s on-again-off-again BFFs.

Paul Ryan being an absolute moron, deleted this tweet, thinking the internet wouldn’t find it. Sad!
Paul Ryan being an absolute moron, deleted this tweet, thinking the internet wouldn’t find it. Sad!

Aside from Paul Ryan and Mike Pence, even the Catholic Church has issues with the ban. And if there’s one institution that knows about the repercussions of pitting millions of humans against one another strictly for their beliefs ― it’s the motherfucking Catholic Church.

And to further address the hypocrisy of Trump’s ban, let’s talk about the banned countries. All 7 of the countries are incredibly poor, currently in a state of civil war or just now emerging from devastating conflicts. None of the citizens from any of these countries have committed an act of terrorism on American soil. Trump’s ban conveniently doesn’t impact anyone from any other majority Muslim countries where he has business dealings, including Saudi Arabia, which we know is a greater state sponsor of terrorism than all of those other countries combined.

But we have too much business with Saudi Arabia. They’re our allies. If they were poor like these other countries, well, that would be an entirely different story. But to blame all of that on Trump would be, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, unfair. Obama did bomb the shit out of 5 of these 7 countries and imposed heavy sanctions on Iran and Sudan.

This ban serves no purpose other than to enflame anti-Muslim sentiment in the US and anti-US sentiment abroad in muslim nations. It certainly won’t deter any terrorists. It WILL condemn thousands to possible execution if they’re returned to their home countries. Or is it only a problem when white westerners are beheaded by ISIS?

Trump ran on a platform saying that he was the only one who could protect us, but his actions are only going to put us at greater risk. But If Trump DOES want to protect us, maybe he should focus on more serious threats. Like falling out of bed. Which kills many more Americans than immigrant terrorists.

Yeah, I just posted a fucking tweet from Kim Kardashian. This is the state of the world we live in. Where Kim-Fucking-Kardashian makes more goddamn sense than the orange asshat we elected president.

Simply put, Trump is marking our invisible enemy. And identifying an invisible enemy is a classic hallmark of budding dictators. In order to smooth the transition into a dictatorship, Americans must be consumed with the constant fear that an invisible enemy is both among us and abroad. Wake up, America. Less than two weeks into his term and Trump is already openly flouting the Constitution. And this is just the beginning.

Of course we should've known this was gonna happen, I mean, even super villains don't want to fuck their own daughters.

And even real life super villains think a Muslim ban is stupid. Real life super villains like Dick Cheney.