The Hysterical Reason Brad Goreski Wants Nick Jonas On 'Fashion Police'

Goreski is eager to host the youngest JoBro on the E! show even though he turns him into "a total sweating weirdo."

Brad Goreski wants Nick Jonas to join him on the "Fashion Police" couch for a very specific -- and good! -- reason: "So he can sing to me the whole time!" 

In a HuffPost conversation on Friday, Goreski said the heartthrob could offer some colorful commentary on the show. For example, Jonas "could say, like, 'Oh my god, this outfit's got me so jealous,'" the "Fashion Police" co-host joked, referring to Jonas' hit song. 

"Or he could say, like, 'Oh my God, this outfit's got me in chains,'" Goreski continued.  "Or he could say, like, 'You know what I love about this outfit? There are just so many levels, levels, levels!' Right?" 

Goreski identifies as a "Nick Jonas super fan," and claims the 22-year-old hottie is well aware of it.

"I've told him," he admitted, adding that he's usually "like a total sweating weirdo" when he comes into contact with the youngest Jonas brother.

Brad, we feel ya. 

Watch more from Brad Goreski's HuffPost Live conversation here.

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