The Importance of Celebrating the Little Wins

Real estate is not for the faint-hearted. I wake up in the morning to a host of worries: will I get the listing, will a deal drop out of escrow, will my client be happy? The business that I do requires not just a great deal of business acumen but also a high degree of emotional intelligence. We are not just the stewards of our clients' real estate well being but are often helping through what, as I mentioned in my last blog post, can be difficult transitions.

One of the things that I've found most important to do is to celebrate the small wins. Real estate, like life is full of minor ups and downs and one of practices that I encourage is simply taking a deep breath and enjoying it when something goes truly well. It sounds simple enough but it can be very hard to do when our world is so hectic.

In the office meetings with my agents, we have gotten into a new joyful routine of sharing our wins. Sometimes the stories they tell are about successful closings but often they are about the little victories, the times they were able to get a client the price they wanted or help problem solve during the purchase process. The more I listen the more I am impressed anew with all they do to keep their clients informed and to keep the transaction moving. It's all these little wins that add up to the big win of a completed transaction and satisfied clients.

There's so much we don't have control over in the world. What we do have control over is how we prepare and also how we react. Even when things get tough, remember usually there is more that is going well that isn't.

Take a moment to celebrate you, your efforts and the quality of your caring for each other at this time. This business provides glorious opportunities and yet, it certainly has its challenges. Celebrate your demonstrations on behalf of your clients and claim the loyalties that you've earned and the ambassadors that appreciate your service.

We can savor the moment or we can blow through it, I believe that the more we bend toward the positive, the more positivity we have in our reservoir to give to ourselves and those we touch.