The Importance of Giving Back during the Holiday Shopping Season

The Importance of Giving Back during the Holiday Shopping Season
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Giving Tuesday provides the perfect opportunity to spread holiday cheer to those who need it most

Every year, the holidays slowly creep up earlier and earlier; stores are now offering their Black Friday deals well-before Thanksgiving weekend and October is being lumped into the holiday shopping season. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates consumers will spend a collective $678.75 billion this holiday season alone. As wonderful as receiving gifts can feel, it is also important to remember that the holidays are a time of gratitude and giving.

That is why I support Giving Tuesday (November 28). Giving Tuesday reminds us of the importance of getting involved in our communities and also happens to capture the power of reuse.

As you are preparing to give back this week, I encourage to you to look through your closets, cupboards, storage rooms and garages to find gently used items you no longer need and donate them to a nonprofit organization at a local Savers or Value Village store. We provide vital funding to over 120 charitable organizations across the United States and Canada by purchasing their donated used clothing and household goods, and providing them with revenue to help fulfill their missions.

Our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound in Washington state is just one example of how the simple act of cleaning out your home or closet can positively impact communities. The holidays can be especially hard for those facing financial or familial hardships, and not every child has a positive role model in their family. For more than 22 years, Value Village has helped to provide an unrestricted, stable income source to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound by purchasing donations of used goods – helping them carry out their mission to improve the lives of community youth by establishing mentoring Big-Little matches. In 2016, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound connected 1,030 youths with one-on-one mentor relationships from the additional revenue support through its partnership with Savers® and Value Village™ stores. That’s more than a thousand youths who are more likely to graduate high school, go to college and meaningfully contribute to their communities.

Consistent funding can be difficult for organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound to come by, but the outcomes of their program are truly astounding:

  • 92 percent showing an increase in confidence at school;
  • 93 percent improving their attitudes and behaviors toward risky behaviors;
  • And 90 percent improving their relationship with a trusted adult.

I am proud of the partnership we have built with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound over the years and grateful that I get to see the impact they have on the Seattle community. It’s a partnership that is only possible because of people like you. Especially during this season of abundance, consider cleaning out your home or closet to support your local community. Your donations make a big difference.

TVI, Inc. d/b/a Value Village™ is a for profit commercial fundraiser, accepting donations of secondhand clothing and household goods on behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound of Seattle, WA. The required registration is on file with the Secretary of State’s charity program. Additional financial disclosure information is available by calling the Secretary of State at 1‐800‐332‐4483.

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