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The Importance of Halloween

We all need an excuse to break away from the monotony of life for a day, let our hair down and act like a child.
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There are many theories about the origins of Halloween, and we're not in the mood to debate whether or not it was started by the Catholic Church to keep dead spirits from haunting the living or to get into the whole "Hallmark Holiday" thing. (Of course it's another way for them to make money.) Instead, we just want to give a big shout-out to this weird holiday and tell you why we think Halloween is important!

Life is hard. There is a lot of stress and pressure and sorrow, not to mention zillions of annoying "adult responsibilities" that we must tackle every day. And we feel that everyone deserves one day to be silly and eat lots of candy -- not just the kids. We all need an excuse to break away from the monotony of life for a day, let our hair down and act like a child -- especially since November and December are filled with holidays that are really stressful and require us to deal with presents, parents, plane tickets, in-laws, food, more food, and more presents (that we give more often than we receive -- waaaahh).

Halloween is a cheerful way to kick off the fall season with some good, old-fashioned child-like fun. We say, go ahead and eat that candy! Many of us try really hard all year to avoid vending machines and the colorful candy aisles in gas stations and mini-marts, so we feel that October is the right time to eat the miniature versions of all of our favorite candy bars. For some strange reason, we think the mini Snickers and Milky Way's, the tiny boxes of DOTS, and those teeny packets with like five M&M's in them taste way better than the giant ones. Maybe it's because in October we get to tell ourselves that if we're getting our oil changed or in a long-ass line at the grocery store or having a dispute at the bank, we really deserve to reach into that orange pumpkin bowl and indulge in a free mini-treat.

We also think that the whole "dressing up" thing is very important. We know it can be expensive and a giant pain to come up with a unique costume, but we also know that it's really hard to be in a bad mood when you're dressed up as something silly, scary or sexy. (It's kind like eating an ice cream cone. No matter what age you are, it's really hard to be pissed off or stressed out when you're licking an ice cream cone. If you don't believe us, try it.) So if you can break out of your routine for one night, put your responsibilities on hold and spend a little time being silly, you might actually have fun! It can turn a normal, boring Wednesday night into something much more interesting.

And don't worry if you weren't invited to some cool Halloween party or if you don't have any cute little kids to take trick-or-treating. You can just dress up for your husband or girlfriend or with your friends or co-workers, or have a little impromptu Halloween get-together at your house. You don't have to bob for apples or spread fake spider webs all over the place -- just invite a few close friends over, eat some candy, dress up and catch up. It will be way more fun than watching America's Next Top Model and rushing around to pay bills, do laundry and make dinner. So (just this once) let's take some notes from the kids and get excited about Halloween, because it's important for us adults to treat ourselves to something...well...completely unimportant.