The Incommensurable Force Of Love And Its Portals

The Incommensurable Force Of Love And Its Portals
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Love is an invisible, immeasurable, and omnipresent force expressed through our most elevated thoughts and exalted emotions. Love has portals of entry and formidable enemies. But like any force, love has navigational principles to embrace its strengths, challenge its detractors, and overcome its daunting tribulations. Love, is redemption when we fall from grace, hope when we diminish our worthiness, and courage when we confront our deepest fears. But since ego is a projection of our fragility, it interprets love as an experience to be feared and distrusted. Why? Because love requires embodying the best we have to offer while exposing our vulnerabilities and our potential to be hurt.

Rather than a guarantee for bliss, love is an invitation to open our hearts, and trust its power to heal our transgressions in times of turbulence. We enter the portals of love when we access compassion in the face of indignation, faith when confronting disillusionment, and nobleness when judging disgrace. Conversely, we encounter the strongest detractors of love when self-righteousness replaces empathy, punishment becomes the teacher, and intransigence ignores reconcilable misdeeds.

Love is not to be found outwardly because it resides in the depth of our hearts, and encompasses the totality of our journey. We all posses its beauty, but some choose to remain in the safety of non-commitment rather than burn their ships when adversity comes their way. Instead of designated individuals, soul mates are partners forged at the horizons of hell who become immutable to the enemies of love.

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