The Indelible Stain Of Trump DNA

The Indelible Stain of Trump DNA
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A blowjob. A blue dress. And a denial.

That’s what got Bill Clinton impeached by a Republican Congress. It’s hard to believe now, but that was it. A sleazy dalliance with an intern, and a president’s lies to cover it up. The Republicans in the House, led by wife cheater Newt Gingrich, were out for blood.

Where are the Republicans now? Claiming this Russia story has no legs - that’s where. There’s nothing to see here in this tangled web of lies and deceit and collusion with a foreign enemy. Senator Ted Cruz told CNN’s Manu Raju Tuesday, when Trump Jr. released his treasonous emails, that Americans aren’t concerned about Russia. This isn’t what they’re talking about at his town halls, he said.

Hey, Ted, we’re talking about it. At least half the country, more likely the majority of Americans, the ones who voted for Hillary Clinton (and not a few who voted for Trump) are talking about it, a lot. Frankly we can’t believe this insanity is actually happening. And we’re worried about our country. Some of us are having trouble sleeping. Some of us are experiencing the acute anxiety another generation felt during the Cuban missile crisis.

We’re worried about North Korea and an unstable, irrational American president who might do something really stupid and dangerous. We’re worried about our deteriorating relationship with our European allies. We’re worried about a president who cozies up to a Russian dictator – a murderer of journalists and political opponents. And we’re worried about the millions of Trump supporters, apparently the victims of Russian body snatchers, who have decided that Putin is the man.

But we are presently incensed about the unethical and illegal behavior of the administration and its campaign in the months prior to the election. That is the priority of the moment. The writing is on the proverbial wall and in the physical emails, ironically. There was collusion. There was what looks strikingly like treasonous activity. And you cannot convince me or anyone else who has been paying attention that Trump’s first born son did not tell his dad about the meetings set up to collect incriminating information on Hillary from the Russians. I am convinced Mr. Trump has known everything all along.

And I am confident that sooner or later – probably sooner – The New York Times or The Washington Post or Rachel Maddow will prove that dossier by Christopher Steele to be true. The golden showers porn video, the money trail…all of it. Our heroic, American journalists will prove that our president is under the thumb of President Putin.

That would explain everything. All the bizarre behavior, the cover-ups, the lying, the Putin ass-kissing, the turning away from NATO.

Forget obstruction of justice. ”This is moving into perjury, false statements and even potentially treason,” as Senator Tim Kaine said Tuesday.

They’re all liars: the president, his family, Jared Kushner – who as a major security risk should never be allowed into the White House again – Paul Manafort, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and yes, Mike Pence. They’re liars, crooks and now, probably traitors.

And fortunately for the sake of the investigation, they’re stupid lying crooks and traitors. They’ve made one mistake after another and Bob Mueller is quietly collecting it all as he investigates this rapidly unfolding story.

According to lawyers and pundits on Twitter, there is likely enough evidence to charge junior with a federal offense right now. But we know what will happen. Daddy will pardon his beloved son. The blowhard president will save his blowhard progeny and probably his mute progeny-in-law. But that doesn’t mean he can save himself.

Trump is no Clinton. And this is no blowjob. This is a full-on orgy of epic proportion. And the evidence isn’t just a semen stain on a blue Gap dress. Trump DNA is all over this one. Apparently nobody in the Trump camp ever bothered to use protection.

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