The Inferiorities of Mac Mail

When I got my new MacBook Air, I had to switch from my old email client, Eudora, to MacMail, which seemed like the best alternative. I often work offline, especially when traveling, because the internet can be expensive and often unavailable, so I need some such client. MacMail has the following inferiorities:

1. When you draft or edit draft messages, it forgets the new subject line.

2. You can't edit a message you've received, despite its misleading subject line or your own need to annotate. Of course you can take it out of MacMail, edit it, and put it back, but that is much too much trouble.

3. You can't reply to multiple messages at once. If I email 1000 students about a tutoring opportunity and get 25 responses, I want to reply to all at once, not one at a time or build a reply list one at a time. I installed a script for this by Aral Balkan using Script Editor, although I had to remove the line that reads "set the was replied to of (item i of the themessage) to true from the script."

4. If you're filing a message and find the desired mailbox doesn't yet exist, Eudora let you choose "New Mailbox." MacMail makes you leave the task and go create a new mailbox.

5. Otherwise filing messages works as in Eudora, but if you want to open a mailbox, you have to use the sidebar, very awkward if you have thousands of nested mailboxes as I do.

6. You can't queue a message for sending at a specified time, perhaps as a meeting reminder or solutions to a take-home exam.

7. In Eudora you could take a list of 100 email addresses and put them in a group. In MacMail, you have to add them (one by one?) to Contacts, and then move them (highlighting them one by one from the list of perhaps thousands of contacts) to the group. In practice, I don't bother, or I create an alias under SystemPreferences:Keyboard:Text.

8. You can't easily embed animated gifs in MacMail as in Eudora.

9. If using MacMail with gmail, each message is limited to 99 recipients, so when I email our 900 math/stats students, I either have to break the message up into 10 messages or go to gmail online to send it. Apple should have its own unrestricted smpt server without such a limit and figure out the requisite security.

Why in the world wasn't Eudora maintained? And after all these years, why hasn't MacMail corrected these inferiorities?

Tell me if you know how to do or work around these obstructed tasks.