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The Innovation Bubble

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We're in the middle of an innovation bubble. "Innovation" is hot. Innovation "experts" are coming out of the woodwork. Everyone wants some innovation. If you're not "fostering innovation" you're hopelessly outdated.

Some people say you need teams for innovation to take place. As a responsible manager, it's your job to foster innovation in your teams. Here's one of the books you can read about how to do it:

"Leadership" is a timeless favorite. Naturally, if you're an excellent leader, part of what you do is make innovation happen. Here's one of the books you can read about it:

Maybe you're not a big reader, but want to make sure innovation happens anyway. You can go to conferences, world-wide ones even:

What if you really want to get serious about innovation; how do you do it, after all? The good news is, it's not at all mysterious! You can go to school and learn all about innovation:

If you're an executive, you can take some time off and learn about it too.

Maybe you're having trouble breaking through. It could be that the missing ingredient is certification. Hmm, let's Google it, and see if any places can help out:

After all, you can say you're a great innovator, but without an official certification, why should anyone believe you?

Lots of people are doing it, even people with MBA's:

If you're really good, maybe you can become a CIO -- no, not a chief Information officer, a chief INNOVATION officer. And then, if you're really good, maybe you can attend a round table:

What if you want help fostering innovation inside your organization? There are prestigious places just waiting to help you out -- it's their business, and you may not be doing it the right way:

It's probably too late, but it would be a shame not to at least try to catch up with this innovation thing. An awful lot of people seem to think it's the best thing ever.

Of course, there are a few lonely voices saying this innovation thing is just a fad. They seem to say that if you want real innovation, there is a simple way to get it. They're probably just whiners who ignore the experts, and don't want to take the trouble to read a book, attend a conference or get certified. Too bad for them.

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