The Inside of Facebook Now Available on the Outside

Today Facebook announced Embedded Posts, which lets content creators easily insert public Facebook posts into articles, blogs, slideshows, and just about any page on a website. HuffPost is thrilled to be part of the launch of this new way to get more Facebook goodness into the heart of our stories.

Although this idea is not a new one, other social media sites have enabled embedded content for a while, it is a great idea. Every minute of every day the more than one billion Facebook users share an endless stream of funny and informative posts on their Facebook timelines. It's hard to keep up. Right now I'm sure I'm missing great content that is popping into the social graph like popcorn kernels bursting in a giant kettle.

Facebook uses some of the most sophisticated software and algorithms on the planet to help me filter great posts from my friends and the people I follow in my News Feed. Still, I have this nagging feeling I'm missing out. Maybe I'm not following the right people? Maybe my friends are slacking off? Maybe the algorithms need tweaking and tuning?

That's where our Huffington Post editors and bloggers can help. Using Embedded Posts we can bring you the best of Facebook inside our stories so you can sit back and enjoy a good story, crafted by professionals. In this world of DIY and UCG, sometimes you just want sit back, let a pro drive the car, and take you on tour.

Facebook has been criticized as a "walled garden." Embedded Posts break through the wall so that public posts are available on the open Internet, where the Huffington Post and the majority of journalists and bloggers live. Embedded Posts strengthens Facebook's public posts as a platform for sharing and storytelling while creating a new pool of content for the commons.

Facebook Embedded Posts are fully interactive: You can like and share them without leaving the site where you find them. The convenience and full interoperability is powerful. In an Internet where we are in increasingly at risk of fracturing into several factions (app Internet, social Internet, web Internet, etc...) Facebook Embedded Posts are a unifying agent of change.

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