The Inside Of This Rock Looks Just Like Cookie Monster, And It’s Worth A Lot Of Dough

“This is probably the most perfect Cookie Monster out there,” the agate’s current owner said of the rare gemstone.

“C” is for cash.

An agate gemstone recently discovered inside of volcanic rock could be worth more than $10,000 thanks to its uncanny resemblance to Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street.”

The Cookie Monster rock.
The Cookie Monster rock.
Kennedy News & Media

The agate was recovered from the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil by gemologist Lucas Fassari, 33, in November 2020, according to Kennedy News and Media.

Mike Bowers of California, who is the current owner of the sweet piece, posted a video of himself opening the unassuming rock on Jan. 16, which is backed by the Muppet’s famous ditty, “’C’ is for Cookie.”

The video begins with Bowers holding what looks to be a dull stone. But when he splits it open, the viewer is dazzled with blue quartz crystals topped by what looks like the wide eyes and a gaping smile of the beloved cookie-inhaling character.

“I think this is probably the most perfect Cookie Monster out there,” Bowers told Kennedy News. “I have seen others but here you have it complete on both sides.”

He added, “This is very unusual. There are a few famous agates out there: the owl, the scared face. There are many approximate ones but it is rare to find one so well defined like this.”

Bowers told the outlet that he was proposed over $10,000 “by five different buyers” for the agate.

Although Bowers posted his video of the rock on Facebook over a week ago, Dr. Jacqueline Antonovich, a historian of medicine, gender and politics and assistant professor at Pennsylvania’s Muhlenberg College, posted an image of it on Twitter over the weekend and her post went viral.

Thanks to its popularity, a post of the rock finally made it to Cookie Monster himself, and he made his thoughts about the agate crystal clear on Twitter:

“Me no geologist,” Cookie Monster said, “but me think dat rock look a lot like me ... ”

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