The Inspirational Woman Project: Natalya Rachkova

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Growing up in the former Soviet Union, Natalya Rachkova knew that her calling was to help others. After high school, she went on to get her nursing degree. But after falling in love with skin health and becoming certified as a Medical Aesthetician, Rachkova left nursing behind to practice aesthetics full time.

Rachkova and her family moved to America in 2004, where she continued to follow her love of aesthetics.

In 2015, Rachkova received her US citizenship and cofounded (along with Murphy D. Bishop, II), The Better Skin Co., makers of Better Skin Mirakle Cream. Rachkova and her family now live in Seattle, WA where she has owns spa and is working hard to build the family business off of her 27-year-old skincare recipe that is now new again.


How did The Better Skin Co. get its start?
{Rachkova} The actual cream formula was developed about 27 years ago. I was living in Uzbekistan and resources were scarce due to communism. It pushed me to create my own cream formulated from all natural ingredients that could be found at the local market. Word of my cream spread quickly and I soon found my family, friends and a host of other locals lining up to purchase the 'wonder' cream.

About 12 years ago, I relocated to the United States. The political climate remained unstable in Uzbekistan and I knew that I needed to move my young family to a safer place. I won a green card under a great stroke of luck. To support my family, I got my US Aestheticians license and started making the same cream to support my family. I was selling it out of my kitchen in plastic jars, and soon found the same success as I had in Uzbekistan.

Women brought jars back to refill. They used cream on faces bodies, family members. They would tell me that it could cure almost anything and I believe this is true. Basis on powerful of natural ingredients inside.

A few years back I met my cofounder, Murphy D. Bishop, II, who is like a son to me. He brought in a knowledge of the cosmetic industry to help me boost the cream with a touch of science and bring it to life so that everyone could have access to it. It was in this partnership that the brand went from being home based to one that has a launched multi-nationally.

How is The Better Skin Co. different than the other skincare products on the market?
{Rachkova} When I came to the United States I was in shock there are so many different kinds of products. We're told that more is better for our skin. We need different products for our neck, eyes, face, etc. The truth of good skincare products is in the ingredients. If you have the right combination you can target all over the body with one product. And I believe in that. We have combined natural ingredients with science to create a cream that can be used for everything.

When do you feel most powerful?
{Rachkova} I feel most powerful when my clients, family, and friends are smiling and feeling good and happy. This smile lets me know that I have done my very best job as an aesthetician, as friend, and as mother. This is very important to me.

What is your gift? How do you share that gift with the world?
{Rachkova} Everybody has a special gift from the Universe. We are living, breathing, working miracles. I have the gift of eternal optimism. I look at my journey and I think the great thing about America is that we all have opportunity. We can be or do anything in the world. Everyone can make their lives as deep or as small as they wish. My gift has been with me for many years. I try to share my optimism with everyone. The clients in my spa come to me with a variety of concerns and my goal is for them to feel well, feel loved, and that they are the most special person in the world as they walk out the door from my spa.

Why are you inspirational?
{Rachkova} My family and I are living the dream. We came to this country with very little, worked so hard and are now small business owners. As woman, I had to work extra hard to earn respect and build business. Even right now I'm nervous giving this interview! But I remember that everything is possible. Everyday is a gift. It's up to us to decide how to enjoy it.

Where do you go or what do you do when you're in need of inspiration?
{Rachkova} I meditate a lot. Meditation is such a beautiful process. I meditate in different places and most of the time I meditate during the sessions with my clients. I use that time to find continued inner inspiration. Also I read as much as possible. With English as second language, it is up to me to motivate myself and learn as much as possible. I learn what others are doing to make their way. Everyone's story can be inspirational. You take what you need an leave behind what does not propel you forward.

Who inspires you?
{Rachkova} As an immigrant I am inspired by every person that has made the journey before me. I have heard a lot of stories of the people who have gone before me - men, women and children. I am not the first to make my dreams happen and I am not the last. I hope that my story will inspire someone else and make their dreams come true as well.

What is your go-to fashion item?
{Rachkova} Silk scarves. I love scarves - especially those with patterns. I wear a lot of black under my lab coat. But at the end of the end of the day, I can remove my coat and throw on scarf to change the entire mood of my outfit. That's why I love scarves as an accessory.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

{Rachkova} I'm so excited about everyday, that it's actually hard for me to sleep knowing that I have a chance to make new choices, make new memories, and continually live in the moment with people that I love. That gets me out of bed.

I got my citizenship last year just before we launched the cream. I'm so proud to be an American. It's a great thing to get out of bed and do something better and greater everyday, right?

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