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Erika De La Cruz is a television personality, speaker, & author. She is founder of Passionistas: Tips Tales & Tweetables from Women Pursuing their Dreams book, community, & coaching. Erika was nominated by the California State Senate as a Woman to Watch in the Leadership Division. She is the host of Brian Tracy's Success Mastery Academy, and was previously an on-air personality & moderator for NBC, Fox Sports & The CW, and is host of Fashion Week San Diego. She’s a motivational Speaker in the #Girlboss and Millennial Empowerment Movement, and a contributor for Inc.’s 500 Entrepreneur-Founded publication, Influencive. She is a lover of all human beings, all things Disney, and the phrase “Good JUJU.”

Give me your definition of Woman.

{De La Cruz} A woman is power. Being a woman allows you to exude your power spiritually, intellectually and physically. Emotional intelligence, determination and freedom constitute my personal definition.

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

{De La Cruz} My favorite part is getting to express my appreciation for the little things in a way that feels natural, feminine, and full of love. From admiring a bright color palette, to igniting my tastebuds with a latte or reading a meaningful message, I feel that I have complete freedom to express how much each of those things- though seemingly small- mean to me.

What’s one thing you want to tell the women who will read this?

{De La Cruz} Don’t be afraid. Never doubt your ability to create your own life. Break through your fear like a boss!

What does your self-care routine look like?

{De La Cruz} My self-care routine involves a lot of gratitude! It starts with saying thank you out loud the minute I get out of bed, and continues all day after that. From my morning coffee routine to being grateful for whatever work is being put in front of me throughout the day. I also take time to say thank you for the opportunities I’m getting and expect to receive, and desires I’ve cultivated as well. My self care also includes spending time doing things I love the most - however seemingly insignificant they may be. I need to be in space of happiness so that I can operate from a space of total alignment. And then at the end of it all, I say thank you.

What is your gift? How does being a woman help or influence that?

{De La Cruz} My gift is love. I naturally love most everything and I’m not exaggerating. From people to places to experiences. My go-to phrase is, “I love the world.” It’s a gift in that I can give authentic love to such a wide variety of people (including strangers, my closest friends, and family) and also in many circumstances. This results in a positive outlook, gratitude, and light.

Why are you inspirational?

{De La Cruz} I think I have a knack for taking a situation that might, to the rest of the world, look like a setback, and turn it into an opportunity. I’ve persevered through personal circumstances that surprised even me. But through them, I’ve found an inspirational ability to take the so-called “obstacles” and use them to achieve greatness.

What is your mantra?

{De La Cruz} Everything is juju so make it good juju!

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