The Inspirational Woman Project: Lisa Linh

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Lisa Linh is a fashion and lifestyle blogger dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and encouraging readers to follow their dreams. Lisa stands out from the crowd by putting an editorial spin on lifestyle imagery and diverse topics. Along with being a full-time content creator, she is also a freelance social media consultant and photographer.

As an online influencer, what is your take on the increase in comparitis stemming from social media for women and girls?

{Linh} It actually amazes me, that in 2016, we are still trying to "Keep Up with The Jones's", or should I say Kardashians. Although, with social media being easily accessible and digital marketing consistently in our faces, I can't blame us. Also, the Kardashians are marketing geniuses.

While there are great campaigns about natural beauty, empowering women and girls to be themselves, and many initiatives taken to establish self confidence amongst each other - comparison is inevitable. I will say that I am very proud that there are more influencers now than the ever that are speaking up and against problems such as depression, bullying, and so forth. Awareness is more predominate now, which helps semi-balance comparitis. Unfortunately, comparitis will never die but it can be toned down further more if we keep empowering one another instead of competing.

What's your practice to regularly reinforce your self-love/self-worth?

{Linh} To be quite honest, I just remind myself that I am only human. I have really bad days from time to time - and that's OK. It can be hard to stay motivated, positive, and inspiring when you get rejected for a campaign you really wanted or don't get invited to a major event (and see everyone else who went on social media). However, I remind myself that it just wasn't meant to be, things happen for a reason, and something better always comes my way after. Just take a breather, take a day off, go on vacation and get away when you feel like it because you will come back refreshed, reset, and ready to tackle whatever's next. My secret is taking weekend getaways to feed my soul. As Dawn McCoy said, "If it doesn't feed your soul, your bank account, or your family then you need to re-evaluate."

How do you inspire other women?

{Linh} I hope that I am inspiring other women through my life lesson that I try to share. Through my blog and photography, I hope the visuals provided inspire women either by provoking thoughts or ideas that will help them further their successes and happiness in their life. I recently wrote an entire blog about my #NoMakeupSelfie to inspire women to get out of the social media comparison trap.

What is your superpower?

{Linh} The ability to bounce back and move forward. This doesn’t always work well when it comes to relationships because I sound heartless (I don’t mean to!) but you cannot just sit there and waste time. Time is money!

What is the worst female stereotype you’ve heard?

{Linh} “You’re a girl, you can’t act like that!” I hate being told how to act!

What gets you out of bed every morning?

{Linh} Knowing that I am THE only person to be held responsible if a deadline isn't met, if a project isn't done, or if an opportunity is missed. Holding myself accountable for these important things motivates me and makes me want to hustle even harder. Also knowing that if I want to keep living this lifestyle, I have to work my ass off. Haha.

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