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Moll Anderson is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, television and radio host, interior designer, life stylist, and advocate for women and children globally.

Moll Anderson is a woman of many trades. Her lifestyle and interior design acumen have been enthusiastically embraced by readers of her four home and lifestyle books. In addition to Moll’s contribution on The Doctors she has appeared on numerous television shows including guest co-host on FABLife, Access Hollywood Live, Good Day LA, The Talk, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Dr. Phil. She has been featured in both national publications such as InStyle and Cosmopolitan, USA Today, Huffington Post, Women in Business and regional publications such as Elegant Living Magazine, Angeleno Magazine, Dallas, Moll currently writes a column for Su Casa Magazine.

Along with her professional work, Moll is a dedicated philanthropist focusing her energy on many deserving causes. She commits her time and resources to improve the lives of women and children in her community and internationally through her work with such organizations as Habitat for Humanity and UNICEF.

What is your definition of Woman? What does it mean to you to be a woman?

{Anderson} I have always loved being a woman—I have never ever thought about being a man. Women are capable of absolutely anything when they are empowered.

What’s your relationship with femininity? How do you access that part of yourself?

{Anderson} I think that femininity is absolutely an integral part of being a woman. You access femininity by embracing that part of you and celebrating it. Some women are simply born strong that way and for other women it’s a part of their journey. For me it was a part of my journey— off and on.

What is your gift? Does being a woman help or influence your ability to share your gift with the world? Why or why not?

{Anderson} I have been told many times I’m a healer! I must tell you that I had to heal myself before I could receive that. It’s a continual journey for me —but I so thank God that I have been given the gift of healing. I think all women have the ability to heal —it’s a natural instinct to be a caregiver and heal others, but as women we forget that we need to be the caregiver to ourselves. It’s much like what we hear from the flight attendant on an airplane when they instruct the parents to first place the mask on themselves and then assist their child.

Why are you inspirational?

{Anderson} I became my own cheerleader! I had to learn to dig deep, suck it up, put my big girl panties on and pull myself up by my own bootstraps. I went through some pretty tough and very scary times as a single mom, but no matter what my situation, I never gave up hope. I knew that someday, somehow, I would figure it out and I just had to keep going.

Where do you go / what do you do when you’re in need of inspiration?

{Anderson} Travel is so inspiring for sure. Italy will always be my first major travel experience and the most fulfilling. I learned a lot from the Italians’ lifestyle about family, savoring every meal and celebration. The architecture and design is so breathtaking.

When I need immediate inspiration it can be just about anywhere. It can be a flea market; a farmers market, a fashion show or an incredible painting that speaks to me.

Who inspires you?

{Anderson} Because my schedule has been full tilt, I’m so grateful to Oprah for creating Super Soul Sunday! I literally DVR and On Demand them wherever I am. I find that when I’m starting to feel exhausted and overwhelmed that having that positive energy from the guests and hearing their truths and wisdom just lift my spirits. I choose to hear something positive even while I’m purging my closet or packing and unpacking, which is all the time these days. My fav’s are Tracy McMillan, Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, Lynne Twist and Steven Pressfield.

From a design standpoint, I go to the Dallas Design District—where you can find everything from showrooms to a whole street of reworked old treasures to tarnished treasures just waiting to be reborn! Nothing is more fun to me still than to be on the hunt for something no one else can see like I do.

What’s one thing you want to tell the women who will read this?

{Anderson} That nothing in your past defines you unless you let it! Also, “No one can hurt you without your permission!” -Ghandi

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