The Inspirational Woman Project: Tahani Aburaneh

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Regardless of what she does, Tahani Aburaneh’s determination stems from the clarity in her driving force, which is to make positive transformations (in people, businesses, and land).  As Canada’s leading female expert in real estate investing, Aburaneh is a Land Developer, International Speaker, Trainer, and proud mother of two grown children. Aburaneh is the founder of the Elite Real Estate Agent Training SIAC (Savvy Investor Agent Certification) and the author of the ‘Savvy Investor Agent Guide’ as well as ‘Real Estate Riches Book’, which is ranked on Amazon’s real estate bestsellers list. In accordance with her drive to contribute, 100% of the proceeds from Real Estate Riches Book are donated to, an organization that fights poverty in third world countries with an emphasis on women. The true value of Aburaneh’s success story is not in singing the merits of achieving accolades or being the recipient of many awards. Rather, her story should be seen as a true demonstration of how using the right framework and focusing on helping others can reward you more than you can imagine.

Give me your definition of Woman.

{Aburaneh} A woman is a creator.

When I think of a woman, I think of the womb where life begins. Women have that power to create and to bring life into life. Women keep the world going. We are creators and nurturers.

When do you feel most powerful?

{Aburaneh} Believe it or not, I feel most powerful at work. I believe in the power of focus and doing whatever it takes to get things going.

I used to be branded as a “workaholic”. For years, I worked around the clock and it was hard for me to commit to days off. If you really love your work, people might perceive you as obsessive because they see you working all the time. And yes, there is truth to that obsessiveness, as well. We need to work hard and play hard. Five years ago, that all changed: I have set rules and boundaries with myself such as taking every Friday off to connect with myself, with friends, and with family. I call them “Freedom Fridays”. You have to make sure to do things for yourself otherwise life passes by fast.

I think the word “power” can be misconstrued. People associate power with money and positions. When I think of “power” I believe it is when you are in your element and truly passionate about something you're doing. It is when you're in alignment with your true inner desires and have a zest for life. I feel very powerful when I am bringing value to people and I see them light up — I feel like the Queen of my Kingdom at work and very powerful helping others.

What is your gift? How does being a woman help or influence that?

{Aburaneh} My gift is the ability to connect with people on deeper levels.

Being a woman helps me put myself in the other person’s shoes by using my intuition. Intuition allows me to understand whether what I am saying or doing is empowering the person across from me. It is intuition that helps this flow of connectivity and the substance to aid open communications between people.

Talk to me about your girlfriends.

{Aburaneh} I love my friends for who they are, and I am in love with their different personalities and skills. I have the girlfriends who are fun and love to go out with. Then there are my friends who love personal growth, and we go to events together. In life, you cannot just bundle all of your friends into one category. I believe we should fill our lives with different people and love each of them individually for who they really are. As well, we need to embrace our differences and celebrate them together. And just because I love being a Mom, does not mean my friends have to also be Moms or give birth.

What’s one thing you want to tell the women who will read this?

{Aburaneh}, Whatever goal and desires you have, they certainly can be achieved. Just remember, things don’t happen all at once. YOU need to do something about it every single day. Eventually you will get there. Nothing just happens instantly. Things take time, focus, and work. I have a question for you: how do you eat an elephant? Answer: one bite at a time.

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