The Inspiring Reasons These Women Embrace Their Stretch Marks

"I've learned to love them just because they're mine."

In the age of Photoshop, stretch marks are seen as flaws to be erased out of magazine spreads. For these women, they serve as powerful reminders.

In a video from BuzzFeed Yellow, women talked freely about the moment they first noticed their stretch marks and how they really feel about them. In their beautiful testimonies, they shared how they have learned to love their tiger stripes.

"I've learned to love them just because they're mine," one woman said. "It shows me that I’ve grown up, and they make me feel kind of special."

Another woman said her stretch marks were a reminder of her strength, while another said the stretch marks above her knees were a "fun fact" she loved to share with others.

In one of the most powerful stories, one woman told viewers she became depressed after a miscarriage and gained weight. Her stretch marks remind her of the beauty of life.

"When I look at my stomach it reminds me that there was once life here or that there can be life here in the future," she said. "So I think it’s just beautiful because it’s still the evidence of what I could have been."

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