The International Day to End Violence Against Women

LitWorld focuses two-thirds of its work on empowering women and girls with transformational literacy because two-thirds of the world's illiterate people are women and girls. And illiteracy equals profound vulnerability.

Literacy is humankind's greatest and most sustainable innovation: a lifelong protection against vulnerability. Knowing one's rights, learning about one's health, connecting to others outside of one's community, can all save a girl's life.

Literacy is a warrior weapon: a shield and also an opportunity for a truly better, goals-oriented life.

Please, consider this, for yourself and also please, share this message with your friends and family and colleagues: that one very powerful way to take action for women and girls is with a contribution to LitWorld today on the International Day to End Violence Against Women. Your contribution will go right to the grassroots work we do. The force of girls' own stories and the words of the world makes girls strong in ways that protect them and also liberate them.

A wise person once said to me: "Let us always give until it feels like a stretch."

Let's stretch today, on this important day. Let's give as much as we can to help the girls of LitWorld. Let's together make girls' voices, hearts and minds strong with the power of words and stories. Literacy is the fortress, the shield, the warrior weapon for peace and justice.

Let's do this. Spread the word today.