The Internet Can't Get Enough Of This Father-Son Duo's Dance Videos

Their fans especially love when they wear matching outfits.

Stanley Freeland and his 4-year-old son, Josiah, have turned their living room into their stage for adorable dance videos that have captured the hearts of thousands.

Freeland shares videos that show him and Josiah dancing, sometimes synchronously and sometimes in matching outfits. The Atlanta dad told HuffPost he enjoys dancing, and he clearly passed his hobby on to his son.

“Anytime we hear music we both feel the beat and start dancing anywhere from the dance floor or in the car,” he said.

Known as Father Like Son collectively, the duo has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram keeping track of their dance videos. Their fans especially love when they wear matching outfits, an idea inspired by Josiah.

“Josiah would say, ‘I want shirt and shoes like you, Daddy. I want to dress like you, Daddy,’” Freeland told HuffPost.

Freeland has used music with his son as both a bonding experience and learning opportunity. In April, the creative duo made their recorded version of “The ABC Song” available on Spotify and iTunes.

When asked whether he expected the videos with his son to go viral, Freeland told HuffPost that he “had faith” he and Josiah could have an impact on the lives of others. He also has plans to take their reach even further.

“I knew Father Like Son videos were different ― positive as well as inspiring,” Freeland told HuffPost. “My plan for Father Like Son is to travel around schools teaching students new ways to recite educational learning, while dancing with my son.”

See more videos of Freeland and Josiah dancing on Instagram.

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