This Throwback Pic Of A Young Stephen Colbert Is Making The Internet Thirsty

Hellooo, Stephen.

Stephen Colbert has always been a stunner.

Over the weekend, a Redditor named ArtieStation blessed us all by posting a photo of young Colbert to the subreddit /r/OldSchoolCool, where of course it went viral:

Fans really appreciated the pic:

According to BuzzFeed, the dashing pic of the TV host was taken during his days as a student at Northwestern University in the ’80s.

Here are even more vintage Colbert pics for your viewing pleasure:

You know what’s even sexier? The “Late Show” host has been married to his wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert for nearly 25 years.

At the Met Gala earlier this year, McGee-Colbert gave Humans of New York photographer Brandon Stanton a little insight into why her husband is such a catch.

“He’s so sexy,” McGee said, according to the caption. “And he taught me the importance of being silly.”


Reddit may be all about young Colbert today, but Internet crushes are a fickle thing. Just last month, it was Colbert’s old “Daily Show” chum Steve Carell who was getting all the attention for his glowed up, Clooney-esque silver fox look.

Looking good, Stephen and Steve (ahem, Stevphens.) Your move now, Jon Stewart.

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