The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Train Track Optical Illusion

This is pretty much earth-shattering.

Here's one video that'll stop you in your tracks. 

Marc Settle, a BBC academy trainer who lives in London, shared a mind-blowing video of an optical illusion featuring his son's toy train tracks. 

At first you'll think the train tracks are different sizes. But then your world comes crashing down around you. 

The clip unsurprisingly went viral on Twitter. And as it turns out, these aren't just some strange alien train tracks.

Some very sharp people on the social media site identified the creepy occurrence as the Jastrow Illusion, which was discovered by psychologist Joseph Jastrow back in 1889.

When identical curved objects are placed next to one another, with the longer side of an object juxtaposing the shorter side of the other identical object -- as it is in the video -- the illusion is created. 

So you can chill out and take comfort in the fact that you aren't just seeing things. 

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